Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Favorite Summer Snack:Otter Pops

Lately I have been indulging in my favorite tasty summer treat, Otter Pops. I totally forgot about them until I was in Target and purchased a box of 100 for 3.99, and have been having a lovely 25 calorie snack that takes me back to childhood memories at Camp

My favorites are Strawberry Short Kook or Poncho Punch..what about you ladies?


  1. How fun! Our son works for a day summer camp and they use otter pops as ice packs. He tells me its funny how quickly the kids heal so they can eat the otter pop when they are done using it as an "ice pack". :o) Wish I would have thought about that when I had little ones. Its all good... I'll be the fun grandmother and have otter pops as ice packs :o)

  2. love blue and green! i will eat like 4 or 5 in a sitting. sooo addicting.

  3. Poncho Punch was my fave! I havne't had those in years, but I think after reading this, I may need to go buy some : )

  4. Oh, I love otter pops! Summer treats.


...thanks for the comments sweetness!