Friday, July 23, 2010

In the Bag: {B is for...}

Next up in our monthly series is Summer of {B is for..}, one of my daily reads and an ever so fabulous blogger..Take a peak at she has in her bag...

Merci Beau Coup Danielle for including me in this fun and nosy series. I say nosy in a good way bc you know we all are. ;) Like many women, I have too many handbags for my closet and I cannot pick just 1 of anything so you get two. I actually alternate between these two throughout the week in the summertime. The Hippie Cross Shoulder Bag is from Urban Outfitters. It's the bag I grab when I want to be less casual - i.e. shopping at the green market, going to a concert in Central Park and grabbing brunch on Sunday. The other bag is one of my favorite bags around. It's Kooba in black leather with brown straps. I feel like I can wear this bag with anything and I feel it makes a statement. It's kinda like art. To me, at least. As you can tell I love bags that are roomy and sans compartments.

Contents Include:

1. Japanese masking tape - I send a lot of letters and love to spice up plain envelopes, so I am never without a roll or two of this stuff.

2. Netflix - Precious - waiting to be inserted into the mailbox on the way to work.

3. Calendar/Pencil/Peanut shaped eraser/"really good ideas" notebook - Mostly for jotting notes down dealing with the adoption process and auditions/castings (given to me by a special someone because I love elephants. "Trunk" up brings you lots of luck!)

4. iPhone - Um, my life. Music, contacts, my connection to the world. Cover is by Paul Frank.

5. Wallet - Hayden-Hartnett change purse that I have turned into my wallet. I hope it lasts forever.

6. Deodorant - Hi. My name is Summer. Enough said. I.sweat.a.lot.

7. Beauty - Essie polish in Lapis of Luxury for touching up chipped nails, MAC Studio Fix Powder/Base with pink Sephora brush, Tweezerman, Make-up Forever HD Concealer and Laura Mercier Secret Concealer for my dark under eye circles and Mini KORRES Lip Gloss in Cherry Red.

8. Sunglasses - Ray Ban Wayfarers in brown and green. Rue La La purchase!

9. Flip in HD - Because random things happen here in the city and I never want to miss a thing.

10. Other - Car keys with Mustache Key chain and Taco Key cap, hair band, disposable wooden spoons that are green (I eat a lot of gazpacho), Decaf Vanilla Chai Tea and an extra Metrocard for the NYC subway.

WOW, I sure carry a lot of random stuff around, don't I? I think it's all useful but I am sure most of it is not. Oh well! Thanks again for inviting me over to empty my bag out for all to see. Maybe next time, you will ask to see the inside of my fridge like on MTV Cribs. (Please don't. There is nothing in it). Visit me over at {B is for ...}, say hi and I will high five ya back!


  1. thanks for having my ladies. i think i had too much wine when i wrote that post! ha.

    you girls are awesome.

  2. I love sweet Summer! Thank you for having her over!

    Sum, I've never known anyone to carry wooden spoons around, but you never let me down :)

    Happy Friday!!


  3. I love Summer this was fun having her here and this is the first time I have checked out your blog!

    Summer um you are the first person I have ever known to carry wooden spoons and this is why I love you so :0)

    Precious was a sad movie wasn't goodness it left me crying....

    Love that color nail polish girl

    Summer ;0)

  4. Love this post! Last week you would have caught me with a metal fruit juicer in my purse from C&B...very odd week for me.

  5. Wooden spoons! Who wouldn't love that detail! :) Not to mention finding out what's in other folks' purses! :)

  6. love summer and these posts always make me feel im failing as a woman. i dont carry nail polish to polish up chipped nails. thanks summer! ;)

  7. I love your bag miss Summer.... and love you too!!

    Hi Danielle! So happy to have found you- I am your newest follower :)

  8. Summer rocks and her bag does too!

    ps. loving the picture of your frenchie..


...thanks for the comments sweetness!