Monday, August 2, 2010

Boston Thank You Notes

George is a pretty popular pup. He has many visitors and gets a lot of gifts.
Like a good mommy, I make sure he writes his thank you notes.
These Rifle Paper company Boston Note cards are just the perfect thing for him to send

also, check out their blog for all of their custom wedding invitations and'll fall in love if you haven't already


  1. George is simply too cute. There is nothing like lovely stationary to pen a note. I am tempted to send George a gift, just to get a note from him. :o)

  2. george and my lucy (also another boston) need to meet!! match made in heaven. (:

    thanks for the link to the gorgeous paper!!

  3. George is soooo cute! Love him! And those cards are very cute as well :)

  4. George is precious, I love Boston's!


...thanks for the comments sweetness!