Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eat, Pray,Love{My Way}

I read Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert a few years ago, and when life gets a little tough, I often just dream of getting up and going on a year journey of self discovery.

However, I would change up the locations a bit..

Here is where I would spend my time
EAT(and a little pray):ITALY
This part of the journey would stay the same. I would eat bowls of pasta. Learn to make my own wine. Visit the small Southern Italian town my family is from and learn every specialty I could

I don't talk too much about my faith here, but I am a practicing Catholic, and have been trying to get to the Holy Land for years and am really hoping to make it happen by 2012.

Because I feel with their sexy accents, the entire county is a bunch of this guy running around :)

Where would you ladies go if you could spend a year" finding yourself?"


  1. Haha I love that you included ryan!! Before his true blood fame he was a well known soap star known as vinnie ♥

    Mine would be, Italy, France and Bali.

  2. What an adorable post! You got my wheels turning...

    I totally would choose the same as you, but sub Greece for Australia (although the accents was a great point!). Always wanted to go to Greece... gorgeous!

  3. this is awesome. you had me laughing out loud with the ryan picture!!

  4. oh wow what a fantastic idea for a blog topic :) i love your choices! if all goes planned in less than 3 months i'll be heading off to india for 1 year to volunteer/work...i'm hoping to travel around to other neighbouring that year will kinda be me going off and 'finding myself'..scary and exciting. countries, i think, would be:
    Eat - Italy
    Pray - Egypt...or the Middle East
    Love - Bora Bora...because it just seems like the most romantic place on earth...or perhaps London...because sometimes I think my future spouse will be British...but then again I like your answer of Australia...

  5. Ah, I just recently finished reading this book. My eat might be Italy too (I've always wanted to spend time there because that's where my grandma came from, I like feeling like I experienced her history a bit), and then my pray would probably by China or Japan...but I guess that would be a BIG EAT TOO! lol. I've always found my own thoughts on life/religion to be more consistent with Eastern philosophies. And the LOVE part....well I've been dying to take a Summer off and backpack through Europe with my man. It is a dream, but hopefully one day I can make it a reality. :)

    Bre @

  6. Mmmmmm Ryan Kwantan...ok for eat i'd go to mexico or somewhere i could eat seafood everyday. for pray i would go jerusalem, and for love (if i didn't have a man) i'd go to croatia- the whole country is pretty sexy!

  7. I love me some Ryan Kwanten. my heart stopped a little when I saw his picture at the end!!

    can I tag along on your eat/pray/love journey?? anything to see your beautiful face!

    miss you. love you.


  8. Love your picks! I would definitely keep Italy, and then do France and Australia.

  9. Haha love it!!
    Mine would be Greece, Lebanon, and Ireland I think, but its pretty hard for me to make up my mind

  10. Love this post! I enjoy your choices! Let me think now....

    EAT: Greece - I love kabobs, hummus, olives, all of it! Although very close behind would be Italy!

    PRAY: Italy - I am not Catholic but would love to go to Vatican City and see everything :)

    LOVE: Barcelona - Ever since I saw Vicki, Christina, Barcelona I fell in love. I want to drink wine, see art, and fall in love in Barcelona :)

  11. Eat ~ I am with you, Italy

    Pray ~ I can pray in Italy ~ See the Vatican ~ Tour the Churches I'm Catholic this would be amazing

    Eat again ~ Italy of course between Northern and Southern plenty to discover.

    Love ~ Italy with my husband & Dog :o)

    Buon giorno

  12. italy, paris/france, prague, and some gorgeous coast

  13. I'd keep Italy too - both to eat and love as my hubby is part Italian and that's our place to go before we decide it's time to become grown ups and start a family. I have got to read this book before going to see the movie


...thanks for the comments sweetness!