Friday, September 17, 2010

September in the Bag: Megan of Pink to Green

I am so happy to have the fabulous Megan of Pink to Green as our latest In the Bag participant...take a peek at what she carries around with her on a daily basis :

Hello Sweet Nothings readers- I'm excited to be blogging here today! Admittedly, I'm sharing the contents of my bag with some trepidation... however, for a sweet blog friend like Danielle, I'm happy to participate in this personal, In the Bag, series. Here's a peak at what makes the trip around town with me each day:

1)I dress in business attire for my day job so a classic shoulder bag like this Kate Spade is in heavy rotation.

2) Because I do change my purse from time, I try to make that as seamless as possible by keeping everything contained to my makeup bag and a wallet. For last minute morning hustle, this keeps swap-time to a minimum! My wallet was a gift from my friend from New Zealand; it is handmade which makes it even more special. (Her mother sells these fabulous and fairly-priced items on her site here!)

3) I carry 2 purse sized fragrances because fragrance is my favorite accessory. L'Occtaine has a collection called Voyage en Mediterranee that keeps me coming back for more. Right now I'm spritzing this and this in rotation.

4) Since recently making my hair darker, I changed my lip colors. The NARS duo of this and this takes me from day to night seamlessly and I adore the highly pigmented formula of their lipstick which lets me create more drama for a special occasions.

5) The iphone is my saving grace. Since I'm often rushing to meetings in new places, I use the map app all the time. (Very handy since I could get lost in my own closet)

6) Tortoise shell hair accessories are a staple in my wardrobe. They are dressier than a plain rubber band and add some polish when I want to throw my hair up at the end of the day. I can't seem to escape J Crew without adding another one to my collection. (PS- did you know they have a lifetime guarantee on these?!)

7) Functional items like Advil, toothpaste, toothbrush and hairbrush are essential for meeting clients, so albeit unglamorous they are toted around too!

Thanks again Danielle; it's been fun to hang out at Sweet Nothings today. Wishing you all a great weekend!!


  1. I just discovered your blog and love it! Yo have great style. I see you are a valley girl-me too! Whereabouts?

  2. I love the tortoise shell accessories from JCrew- they are a total classic!

  3. So cool!! It's pared down but still stylish and (more importantly) functional. Excellent series.

  4. Thanks for having me play along, Danielle!!

  5. The toothbrush and toothpaste is such a good idea! I'm always running around to meetings with new people and I'm sure they would appreciate some clean teeth after lunch haha

  6. Lovvvvvvve this series! I'm always curious to know what types of things other ladies carry around in their fab bags <3.

  7. Love seeing what's in other people's bags!

  8. Your phone is really nice. It's what I noticed first. What's the brand of your phone?


...thanks for the comments sweetness!