Monday, October 18, 2010

In desperate need of a good flea market/thrifting trip

I haven't been on a good thrift or flea market excursion in a while, and that makes me sad. There are a few, I'm kinda running out of space. lol. I can't bring home much more stuff into my little condo. daddy is my go to buddy..he has a great eye, is able to tell me if he can actually accomplish the project I have in mind, and is great at getting a price to drop. Last time we went to the shops in Ventura, we brought my mom along, and she complained and got bored and looked like we were dragging her through a jail. It's just not her thing. So I told her she can stay home in the future and not stifle our creative spirit. So, until football season ends, I won't be hitting up the Rose Bowl anytime soon.

Until then, I virtually flea

Fabulous pieces spotted at the Long Beach Flea on The Glamb Lamb

On a vacation to nice, Caitlin wandered into a french flea market

Camilla posted about the Trading Post in Poughkeepsie that has BANANAS inventory. Bamboo chairs...30.00 I would have an entire set.

Her local thrift store would leave my pockets empty as well

Eddie Ross scooped up this AMAZING faux bamboo shelving unit at goodwill

Could his transformation be any more amazing?

One of my best buys was a 5.00 chair I scored when I went on the Rose Bowl flea market trip with Eddie Ross, who would've thought it would turn into George's favorite place to stalk to squirrels

Have you ladies scored anything lately? Leave me some inspiring comments to get me out to the stores!


  1. Thanks for the mention! Great article! I wish my dad was into the flea market thing! I took him once to the Fairfax Flea Market (the easiest one to conquer and quickly)- he was done the second we parked!!

  2. Thx for the mention :) I just posted your article on facebook and twitter. Do you have a twitter acct?

  3. once I'm moved in I'll come visit so we can go to the flea market. until then, the Alameda flea will have to do. my cousin David is taking me and I can't wait! I need some fab finds for my bedroom.

    miss your face doll.


  4. I was gonna go to the Rose Bowl flea market last weekend but couldn't make it. Fairfax is a great one if I ever have a free weekend!

  5. so excited i found your blog thanks to you finding my blog. i'm totally addicted.
    also, yay thrifting.


  6. A camelback sofa for $100! Can't wait to upholster it in something fabulous xx

  7. nothing better than a good Flea-market hum? I do miss it so much.Here i n Dubai we have one once a month ,but is so bad I stop visiting it.Any way,I love you cute blog and will visit it often to read more of you lovely posts.

  8. That bamboo chair for $30 is a steal!


...thanks for the comments sweetness!