Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Current Style Inspirations

I was going through my style files on my computer and wanted to share some current looks that I am just dying over and are influencing my winter wardrobe

Fabulous furs

rockstar shoes

this looks is just pure perfection

This is an old picture of Miss K, but I love how effortlessly chic she looks. Whenever I try to wear my hair in a little hat like this I look homeless..must try again

Skinny jeans and pretty bows

preppy elements

head to toe chanel is never a bad look

perfect layers

Where are you finding your fashion inspiration lately?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Allison's Fabulous DC Apartment

I was so delighted last week when I saw 1/2 of the Matters of Style girls featured on Apartment Therapy. I just adore the "golden girl" elements in Allison's apartment, most of which have been acquired from craigslist and thrifting.. Every picture makes me more and more jealy of her finds!

See the entire home tour here

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving My Dears!

Hope you all have a fabulous holiday and some days off work! Tonight, I will be attending a little high school alumni mixer with some friends, followed by food and football tomorrow(and by food, I mean a few cans of the good stuff) then come Friday it is shopping go time!

Whatever you do, whomever with, I hope everyone is able to reflect on what they are truly thankful for..I know this year I am thankful for my family, my health, to have watched-and be a part of- so many friends walk down the aisle,my Georgie Porgie, my fabulous "blog friends", and as always, the men and women who are sacrificing their holiday with their loved ones tomorrow so we can celebrate with ours.

See you all Monday!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide

Since Holiday Shopping "officially" starts on Friday and we are all watching our pennies, this years gift guide is all focusing on amazing items under 50 clams. I absolutely love these items..I may have purchased some for myself, purchased some for
others, and am looking to add some of these for the rest on my list

Monday, November 22, 2010

Diary of My Lanvin for H&M experience

  • 4:09 am-Alarm goes off..ugh. I must have forgot to turn it off. It is not a gym day.
  • 4:12 am-oh, right.
  • 4:45am-Wake/Walk/Feed Georgie in the rain. Not a Happy Puppy.

  • 5 am-drive to Simi Valley Starbucks. Closed. Delightful.
  • 510-coffee/muffin/red bull from 7-11
  • 535-Arrive at the Americana in Glendale at record time. No one in line in front of the store? WHAT!?! This Cannot Be!!!
  • 537-See other lovely young ladies and high five about our good fortune.
  • 555-H&M employees alert us the line has been forming since 10pm Friday night. They walk us over. Luckily, we are still within the first 100. We stand.
  • 615-It is really raining. We are still standing.
  • 630-Food Truck Arrives with coffee, muffins, and burritos.
  • 645-H&M employees give us gift bags for being good sports. A Scarf and complimentary magazine. Americana staff gives us free valet for the rest of the year. How nice!
  • 700-wristbands are given out. people are being allowed into the special Lanvin section in groups of 20 for 15 min increments. In that time, you are allowed 2 pieces per item, that is it. I am the first person for the 5th time slot, 9:20-9:45.

  • 710-Randomly, a lot of young children are hovering in the line. Apparently, there is a Harry Potter screening going on as well. The parents are confused. Pray their daughters never turn into the girls that wait in line for clothes
  • 730-Bathroom Break. Figured I needed to be fully focused
  • 8am-we are let into the store. Still in line, I periodically go back and forth between the section to see how much they are replenishing. It is not looking good for the yellow dress and the pink one shoulder number
  • 910-the group before mine is let in. I have a full view of where the merchandise is placed. There is ONE yellow dress left. No pinks. the shoes have been gone since 815, as well as the sunnies. Oh, they have lipstick? That's nice.

  • 920-It's go time. I run to the yellow dress, grabbing a fur gillet on the way, not looking at its size to not get discouraged and distracted. I grab two of everything I may want to try on, and go to the dressing room
  • 923-As I leave, Bags are checked by security to make sure there are only two of each piece in my bag
  • 925-Two girls are being escorted out by security for doing back room trades of merchandise in the dressing area. This has been expressed 15 times that you will be asked to leave. Off they go, without anything. Sucks to be them. I ask the dressing room attendant ten times if I am following directions
  • 10am-Checking out-I won't share the total. It's not normal. But I'm not planning on keeping it all. I promise.
  • 1030am-home, in bed, taking a power nap before the 1pm showing of Harry Potter
Here is a run down of the goods(sorry for picture quality..my camera really was not cooperating..I am also linking to the lookbook):

the yellow dress..not my size though :/ considering getting it altered to a smaller size, though the material is not my favorite.

eggplant one shoulder..this is actually pretty amazing. It is great quality..I think my favorite score of the day

black one shoulder..same as the yellow, but in my size. I'm pretty positive I'm not keeping this one, but I was so sad about the yellow I just bought this anyways

Faux Fur Vest..I love this. I am planning on wearing this with a long sleeve t shirt dress this Thursday for Thanksgiving. It is so glam

bow skirt..another fabulous piece. I cannot wait to wear this out and about..the proportions are amazing..I just need to figure out what to wear on top

Reusable tote bag..the proceeds went to UNICEF, so i scooped up a few of these for Christmas gifts

Leopard Clutch.
.meh. This is probably going back..impulse buy. I wanted to see if I could get the weird broaches off.
Red Lipstick..this shade is pretty awesome. I meant to buy one shade of pink, one of red, but ended up with two reds..oops.

So there we go..did anyone else make the trek out? Score any pieces? Get the one shouldered pink dress I missed out on?

Friday, November 19, 2010

November In the Bag: Valerie of Red Vines for Breakfast

Happy Friday loves! I am excited to have our November "in the bag" feature Valerie of Red Vines for Breakfast! I love discovering fabulously stylish bloggers, and then after reading their blogs discover they live in LA! It is always so exciting to not only get fashion inspiration, but restaurant suggestions, fun weekend ideas, and just a delightful experience!

When Danielle asked me to participate in her "In The Bag" series, I was hesitant. I mean, some days I don't even know what's in my bag and I thought the contents might bring shame or embarrassment to me and/or my family. At times I have wads of receipts, napkins, half eaten granola bars, or handfuls of candy stored in there. However, I try to clean out my bag before going out of town and I had recently done a clean out for our Scottsdale trip. Is it scary that these are what I consider the "essentials"? Thank goodness for large handbags!

-Alexander Wang Rocco Mini Duffle Bag. I have to admit, part of what perked my interest on doing this post was my excitement over my new bag!
-Ray-Ban Cat eye sunglasses
-Notebook and pen to jot down my style and outfit ideas, to do lists, etc.
-My eyeglasses (Ferragamo) that I probably should wear all the time but mostly only wear to drive and watch tv.
-Hobo wallet. I've had this wallet for years and I still love it.
-iPhone. I never thought I needed a smart phone, but now I can't imagine how I survived without it. Similar to how I felt after getting tivo years ago.
-Camera case. I'm obviously using my camera for this photo, but it's always in my purse to catch any shots throughout the day. I use a really old Canon PowerShot Elph. I think it was one of the original digital cameras. It's completely outdated, but I can't give it up. Gabe's been trying to convince me to get a new one for years. Maybe I'll finally give in and put a new camera on my Christmas list.
-Essie Cuticle Oil because you never know when your cuticles will need to be moisturized.
-Mini sunscreen. This has come in handy more times than I can count.
-Dental floss. I like to be prepared.
-Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer.
-Hair bands
-Blue tooth

7 lip glosses. Why? One for each day of the week? I'm not sure.

Thanks for having me, Danielle! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pretty Prints

After spotting this amazing couch on Mr. Goodwill Hunting that was seen at Home Goods(I will be forever looking for it) I started to ponder if I should have a patterned couch in my living room instead of going with something more traditional, and, well safe

Here are some other lovelies I have spotted around the web:

Camilla just scored this amazing piece for her home

Ruthie Sommers for Domino( ps..what ever happened to her book??)

Veronica Beard's amazing zebra couch

Jamie never shys away from prints in her shop Furbish

So, what do you ladies have in your own home?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Georgie!

Today is my little puppers 5th birthday!(yes, I did an early celebration purely for blog pics..is that so wrong)

He really is such a good sport

here he is enjoying a puppy cupcake.

I love my little pudding pop so much, sometimes it hurts. I don't know how I ever lived without him. He is currently going through some training which means he no longer gets the furniture, so maybe, just maybe tonight, we'll have some snuggles on the couch

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Red Hot

Ladies, I need to dye my hair this color like Joanna Garcia. No joke. I want my hair this shade of red.
How oh How can I get my hair this shade...

and if it scores me a Yankee along the way, I wouldn't say no :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

When the Lights Go Down in the City

I am so excited that I am finalizing my plans for my vacation up to the bay area for the week in between Christmas and New Years..I need this vacation. I have really been struggling lately not being around my girlfriends, so this cannot come at a better time.

I'll be in the Napa Valley area for a few days staying with this lovely lady and her hubby, and then we'll head out to the Central Valley to visit this lady, who will have her new home complete by then

Then it is off to Walnut Creek, where an evening with the amazing Diamond Dave is in order,and I'm sure running into many a fellow Gael

Then New Years Eve in San Francisco, for the third year in a row..there is always something fabulous going on, and we're serisouly considering going to this amazing party at Fort Mason

I purchased this amazing Herve Leger dress at nordies rack a few weeks ago, and plan to wear it, but tried it on last night, and um, its not exactly fitting so I can dance. Thats before Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas, and all of the above mentioned events..so I'm pretty sure I'll have a backup that will be worn

I literally am counting down the days! Do you ladies already have your NYE plans ready to go? Anything fun planned?

Friday, November 12, 2010

A $100 Halston Heritage Shopbop.com giveaway!!

Happy Friday Kittens! I am so pleased to announce a little fall giveaway courtesy of the fabulous shopbop.com!

Shopbop.com has had some pretty gorgeous jewels I have been lusting after lately, and since I have been doing my holiday shopping for my girlfriends, I have been scouting some baubles from tuleste market, Love AJ, and the ever fabulous Alexis Bitar for my girls this holiday season. However, I always get distracted on their site, especially on their designer sale section, and always end up treating myself as well!

So, today, my loves, we are treating you towards $100 to spend towards a little something for yourself..new years eve will be here before you know it..and these Halston Heritage numbers are just screaming help you usher in 2011!

Kimono Wrap Dress

Shirred Mini Dress

Cape Dress

Knit Tunic Dress

Off Shoulder Sash Dress

The Rules!

Leave a comment telling me what ensemble on the website you would wear and where it would be worn too! PLEASE leave your email in the comments so the winner can be notified!! :P

giveaway will be open for ten days, so a winner will be announced on Monday, November 22!

Good Luck lovies and Happy Weekend!

**thanks for playing. Kelly is the winner! congrats doll!**