Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Custom Sofa Design

I've read about Custom Sofa Design on a few blogs, and am REALLY tempted to make an appointment to go to their LA showroom and take a look at their pieces..judging from their website, it seems way too good to be true. All of their sofas( and beds) can be made in any size or fabric, and their price point is pretty unreal..out of all the options below, I think the most expensive one if 799. I really need a new couch, but have been holding off due to Mr. George..we had an "incident" one day..that now means one of my cushions is flopped over. It has never happened again, nor do I know what spurred it, but I am so afraid to invest in something until he is settled.

Has anyone used this company or known anyone who has? I am dying to hear


Park Avenue



  1. Hmm I read a post maybe on Little Green Notebook about someone that used them. They looked great! I'll try to find the post for you.

  2. I've never heard of them before, but those couches are gorgeous

  3. Loving the Lola model!!! I´ve never heard of them... That sounds really afordable!

  4. love love love the Park Avenue.

    unfortunately, when I requested a quote (or 4), nobody got back to me and the phone # provided was no longer in service. good luck if you haven't gotten ahold of someone yet. if you have, congratulations - you're better than me :)

    miss your face doll.


  5. havent heard of them. i think i might need to check them out....
    that park avenue number is calling my name.

  6. These couches are beautiful! Love the colors too!


  7. OMG these couches are stunning, a perfect combination of paint according to the color of couch makes owners pride and neighbors Envy.

  8. what a great website! I am a little weary though. Some of those are direct photos from room and board's site. I'd like to know how good their quality is.


...thanks for the comments sweetness!