Monday, November 22, 2010

Diary of My Lanvin for H&M experience

  • 4:09 am-Alarm goes off..ugh. I must have forgot to turn it off. It is not a gym day.
  • 4:12 am-oh, right.
  • 4:45am-Wake/Walk/Feed Georgie in the rain. Not a Happy Puppy.

  • 5 am-drive to Simi Valley Starbucks. Closed. Delightful.
  • 510-coffee/muffin/red bull from 7-11
  • 535-Arrive at the Americana in Glendale at record time. No one in line in front of the store? WHAT!?! This Cannot Be!!!
  • 537-See other lovely young ladies and high five about our good fortune.
  • 555-H&M employees alert us the line has been forming since 10pm Friday night. They walk us over. Luckily, we are still within the first 100. We stand.
  • 615-It is really raining. We are still standing.
  • 630-Food Truck Arrives with coffee, muffins, and burritos.
  • 645-H&M employees give us gift bags for being good sports. A Scarf and complimentary magazine. Americana staff gives us free valet for the rest of the year. How nice!
  • 700-wristbands are given out. people are being allowed into the special Lanvin section in groups of 20 for 15 min increments. In that time, you are allowed 2 pieces per item, that is it. I am the first person for the 5th time slot, 9:20-9:45.

  • 710-Randomly, a lot of young children are hovering in the line. Apparently, there is a Harry Potter screening going on as well. The parents are confused. Pray their daughters never turn into the girls that wait in line for clothes
  • 730-Bathroom Break. Figured I needed to be fully focused
  • 8am-we are let into the store. Still in line, I periodically go back and forth between the section to see how much they are replenishing. It is not looking good for the yellow dress and the pink one shoulder number
  • 910-the group before mine is let in. I have a full view of where the merchandise is placed. There is ONE yellow dress left. No pinks. the shoes have been gone since 815, as well as the sunnies. Oh, they have lipstick? That's nice.

  • 920-It's go time. I run to the yellow dress, grabbing a fur gillet on the way, not looking at its size to not get discouraged and distracted. I grab two of everything I may want to try on, and go to the dressing room
  • 923-As I leave, Bags are checked by security to make sure there are only two of each piece in my bag
  • 925-Two girls are being escorted out by security for doing back room trades of merchandise in the dressing area. This has been expressed 15 times that you will be asked to leave. Off they go, without anything. Sucks to be them. I ask the dressing room attendant ten times if I am following directions
  • 10am-Checking out-I won't share the total. It's not normal. But I'm not planning on keeping it all. I promise.
  • 1030am-home, in bed, taking a power nap before the 1pm showing of Harry Potter
Here is a run down of the goods(sorry for picture camera really was not cooperating..I am also linking to the lookbook):

the yellow dress..not my size though :/ considering getting it altered to a smaller size, though the material is not my favorite.

eggplant one shoulder..this is actually pretty amazing. It is great quality..I think my favorite score of the day

black one shoulder..same as the yellow, but in my size. I'm pretty positive I'm not keeping this one, but I was so sad about the yellow I just bought this anyways

Faux Fur Vest..I love this. I am planning on wearing this with a long sleeve t shirt dress this Thursday for Thanksgiving. It is so glam

bow skirt..another fabulous piece. I cannot wait to wear this out and about..the proportions are amazing..I just need to figure out what to wear on top

Reusable tote bag..the proceeds went to UNICEF, so i scooped up a few of these for Christmas gifts

Leopard Clutch.
.meh. This is probably going back..impulse buy. I wanted to see if I could get the weird broaches off.
Red Lipstick..this shade is pretty awesome. I meant to buy one shade of pink, one of red, but ended up with two reds..oops.

So there we go..did anyone else make the trek out? Score any pieces? Get the one shouldered pink dress I missed out on?


  1. Poor Georgie....he's not an early bird.

    LOVE the yellow dress, faux fur vest and the black skirt.

    Take back that's fugly.


  2. a friend of mine was one of the crazies in line too! hahaha. looks like u got grest tuff. looove the fur. xoxo

  3. Wow, don't they make movies of the week about your experience?

  4. love love love the vest.

    my fav.

    miss your face.


  5. That sounds insane. You're a trooper and it wasn't even Black Friday. I'm so proud to read a blog of such an inspirational person. No, that was not sarcastic either.

    the dresses look pretty, such a bummer about the yellow one. the skirt looks great too. I really like the fur vest, i just bought a brown one i was thinking of wearing for thanksgiving.

  6. You have no idea how jealous I am right now. If you decide to return the leopard clutch -hit me up first. Maybe I can buy it from you?

  7. Love the vesttttttt! I wanted to go so badly but I got hit by the death plague and had to rest up all day so I could muster up whatever energy I had to go to a wedding that night. I want that vest, the purple dress, the skirt and the floral dress with nude straps. Jealous!

  8. Sounds like an amzing experience. I really love the eggplant dress and I actually love the black version of the yellow dress for the holidays!!

  9. la-la-love this post!!

    esp this "The parents are confused. Pray their daughters never turn into the girls that wait in line for clothes"

    hah! true that. i remember waiting in line for the opening of h&m in sf with the stella mccartney line. it was madness and not organized at all!

  10. You're a freaking soldier. GO GIRL! I can't believe you braved it AND made it out alive. Long live hair in the head and a fab skirt to show for it. Yahooo!


  11. So insanely jealous!!! Love the yellow and eggplant the bow skirt...LOVE the fur vest. So wishing Lanvin would come to Canada! Anyhoo...well done you and thanks so much for stopping by my blog- will definitely be following yours. xo

  12. Oh my goodness!!! You got so many of the pieces I wanted from the line!! Way to go!


  13. LOVE all of the dresses!!!!


  14. I didn't get anything but that yellow dress is killing me! I am sad you aren't loving it :( Your diary makes me giggle, I can't believe it rained and that Sbux wasn't open! Also Georgie's face makes me laugh.

  15. hahaha! i love this post!! you scored some awesome things. bummer on the yellow and pink dresses though :(

  16. you bought all the shop!!hahaha!!xxx

  17. Hello,

    Well done for making it, and grabbing as much as you could : ) Well shopped : )

    I managed to make it there.. got the free gift (shall and bag with flower) even got coffee and a muffin plus magazine to read in the line. Everything was so well organized, don´t you think?

    I managed to get the other bag with the orange flower, floral print, although I wanted the one you got.. : ( Should I trade it with my friend? She might go for the idea... or maybe mine is nicer.. decisions..
    The leopard shoes... LOVE THEM!
    The pink dress with floral designs...
    and the same faux fur vest as you which turned out to be my fav item!

    If I were you I would take back the yellow and the black one... especially the yellow... sorry for being brutal but thats my opinion : )

    I feel like this entire Lanvin thing has made me crazy and obsessed... here I am writing on your blog about Lanvin.. telling you to change a dress you may well be in love with..

    my husband said I have become a Lanvin zombie this week!

    Hope you have a great day! Loved reading your post and seeing the pics!

  18. hey im georgia, i just came across your blog in search for the yellow Lanvin dress, im dying to have it so just wondering if your not keen on it i would love to pay you and take it off your hand :) i would have beeen in a line at 4am and bought one myself but i wasnt in a country that had H&M at the time of realease dammmmm...let me no my email is


...thanks for the comments sweetness!