Friday, November 19, 2010

November In the Bag: Valerie of Red Vines for Breakfast

Happy Friday loves! I am excited to have our November "in the bag" feature Valerie of Red Vines for Breakfast! I love discovering fabulously stylish bloggers, and then after reading their blogs discover they live in LA! It is always so exciting to not only get fashion inspiration, but restaurant suggestions, fun weekend ideas, and just a delightful experience!

When Danielle asked me to participate in her "In The Bag" series, I was hesitant. I mean, some days I don't even know what's in my bag and I thought the contents might bring shame or embarrassment to me and/or my family. At times I have wads of receipts, napkins, half eaten granola bars, or handfuls of candy stored in there. However, I try to clean out my bag before going out of town and I had recently done a clean out for our Scottsdale trip. Is it scary that these are what I consider the "essentials"? Thank goodness for large handbags!

-Alexander Wang Rocco Mini Duffle Bag. I have to admit, part of what perked my interest on doing this post was my excitement over my new bag!
-Ray-Ban Cat eye sunglasses
-Notebook and pen to jot down my style and outfit ideas, to do lists, etc.
-My eyeglasses (Ferragamo) that I probably should wear all the time but mostly only wear to drive and watch tv.
-Hobo wallet. I've had this wallet for years and I still love it.
-iPhone. I never thought I needed a smart phone, but now I can't imagine how I survived without it. Similar to how I felt after getting tivo years ago.
-Camera case. I'm obviously using my camera for this photo, but it's always in my purse to catch any shots throughout the day. I use a really old Canon PowerShot Elph. I think it was one of the original digital cameras. It's completely outdated, but I can't give it up. Gabe's been trying to convince me to get a new one for years. Maybe I'll finally give in and put a new camera on my Christmas list.
-Essie Cuticle Oil because you never know when your cuticles will need to be moisturized.
-Mini sunscreen. This has come in handy more times than I can count.
-Dental floss. I like to be prepared.
-Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer.
-Hair bands
-Blue tooth

7 lip glosses. Why? One for each day of the week? I'm not sure.

Thanks for having me, Danielle! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. LOL I am glad to know someone else carries around 5+ lipglosses too :)

  2. Thanks for the guest post, Danielle! I had fun doing it. I agree, it's always really fun to meet other LA bloggers. Hope you have a great weekend.


  3. i love these posts and valerie has an awesome bag!

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...thanks for the comments sweetness!