Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pretty Prints

After spotting this amazing couch on Mr. Goodwill Hunting that was seen at Home Goods(I will be forever looking for it) I started to ponder if I should have a patterned couch in my living room instead of going with something more traditional, and, well safe

Here are some other lovelies I have spotted around the web:

Camilla just scored this amazing piece for her home

Ruthie Sommers for Domino( ps..what ever happened to her book??)

Veronica Beard's amazing zebra couch

Jamie never shys away from prints in her shop Furbish

So, what do you ladies have in your own home?


  1. I would love to have a patterned couch with pretty pink walls but husband vetoed that big time. Ahhh a girl can dream.

  2. I have a camelback sofa that I scored on Craigslist for $100 exactly like Ruthie's. I would die to upholster it in La Fiorentina but the $150+/yd price tag is a little steep for me right now. Time to start saving my pennies! xo

  3. I too love a printed sofa, though I don't think I could actually live with one. A chair maybe, but probably not the whole sofa. Love to see them in others' homes though! Have you seen Elizabeth's from Peacock Feathers? Hers is fun too.

  4. i don't have my own couch, but although i dream of a patterned couch i think we'll do something more traditional and solid

  5. i've got a red dunbar downstairs and a modern brown leather couch upstairs. honestly, i say you go with something simple and get some awesome throw pillows to spice it up. i LOVE my dunbar, but sometimes i feel regret about making the bold color choice.

  6. We are boring. Plain white! But I do have a zebra chair. Love these picks!

  7. These are awesome! I'm still at home with the parents so I am subjected to my mom's couch of choice.

    PS - I love Joanna's hair color below too!! Currently my hair is half brown half orange haha

  8. I looooove a printed sofa!! LOVE!! PS - are you gonna to go LB flea this weekend?

  9. What a stunning pattern, I hope find it, Does George get to try it out?

  10. loving all of those pattern,s they will bring pop and life into the living room!

    great blog : )


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