Monday, November 1, 2010

Style Crush: Reese Witherspoon

Reese is one of those actresses I would like to be friends with. She seems so sincere, has southern values, an infectious laugh, and is just so darn adorable. Everyone normally says Legally Blonde is when they typically fell in love with her-which don't get me wrong, I do adore it and watch it whenever TBS runs a rerun-but I think it was Sweet Home Alabama for me.

Anyways, whenever I see pictures of Reese bopping around town with her kiddos or shopping, I can't help but think she has fabulous personal style, with signature preppy elements thrown in..always looks I could recreate.

This is also my favorite Red Carpet moment..the drop dead gorgeous Valentino from the Academy Awards


  1. She looks gorgeous in pink! She should wear it every day!

  2. I was just talking to someone about how I think I could be bffs with her and Carrie Underwood. Cute post! She manages to look adorable, even when she's wearing the most basic clothes. Damn her!

  3. I totally agree! She is so beautiful and I definitely love the preppiness about her. That first pic of her is stunning.

  4. I agree! She's fantastic & I love her style as well! I think it's because she is so relatable, as you mentioned. Great post; now I want to go shopping!

  5. my favorite look is the jeans and the baseball hat.
    i think i do that once a week (gulp).....
    xo sugar!

  6. She is by far my most favorite! Normal, cute, smiley and stylish but not in a crazy OTT kind of way. I keep walking Montana street hoping to run into her. I ran into Ryan Philippe at a party a few weeks back...


...thanks for the comments sweetness!