Monday, December 20, 2010

Fab Design Finds: Costs Plus World Market

Over the weekend I had to stop at a different mall to pick up some things, and wandered into Costs Plus Market. I never really thought about the store before, but boy was I pleasantly surprised! What adorable things I found while wandering through the aisles, and if I wasn't on spending hiatus I would have scooped some goodies up

Like this penguin martini shaker for my bar:

A new dog bed for Georgie:

These stunning ikat chargers, which I will go back for, hoping shopping karma is on my side:

floral table runners:

adorable polka dot hardware that would look so cute in a child's bedroom:

Fabric slipcovers:
also found on these cute little chairs:

and holiday goodies

Am I the last one to know the gems and potential in this place? Do you ladies have any items from here or use them for decorating projects..the price point on the furniture was quite reasonable!


  1. They have the coolest stuff! There was a Cost Plus by my old apartment and I loved going and browsing all their fun knick knacks

  2. I have always liked to run in and look at their latest finds! Also their goutmrsection is great for entertaining!

    Joyeaux Noel!

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    Art by Karena

  3. Our dining room table is from there. I love popping in there for decorations.

  4. i lvoe cost plus world market! so many great finds. i'm dying over those chargers!

  5. i love that tray in the last picture. long time lover of cost plus!

  6. ok seriously, how come Boston doesnt have one of these? All that stuff is amazing!

  7. This is a fun store and if you have a good eye you can find amazing items. I love the dog bed :) Would not fit our sweet girl but it sure is cute.

  8. I looove World Market! Always so many goodies I can't leave empty handed! xo

  9. Ok, so I went there this weekend and came away thinking the exact.same.thing I think it is up there with Target for me now... between the dishes, food, wine, furniture and in general "stuff" I'm in love!

  10. Big fan of that store. I typically go in for the food, but I have gotten tons of knick-knack and decorating items from there. I might have to go pick up those ikat chargers as well.

  11. Yep...I am a fan too! I got the most adorable purple peacock feather apron for my sister for christmas, and the ornaments this year were fantastic! I am going to try to remember to go back after Christmas and stock up. Loving your blog!-elyse

  12. I always find fun things at World Market... sometimes you can score really nice chocolates for gifts on the cheap... There and Pier 1 are great for affordable and unique things.

  13. Hi, first time visiting your blog. I've never been to a Cost Plus World Market but I'm loving what I see here.


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