Friday, December 10, 2010

Whats in my Bag: December in the Bag

Happy Friday loves! I figured to end this years "In the bag series" and to celebrate the 2nd birthday of this little blog, I'd share what is in my bag

Bag: Currently using one of my two Goyard St. Louis Totes


I can never again wonder why my bag is so heavy!
  • Jonathan Adler Highlighters-just purchased on sale at Kitson over the weekend
  • About 12.75 in change(I counted)
  • Forever 21 sunnies
  • Lanvin for H&M red lipstick-I've been rocking red on weekends out a lot more recently
  • Hot Pink Kate Spade Planner-my lifeline. If I lost this, I would literally die
  • 3 misc pens
  • Kate Spade Red Polka Dot notebook to jot down lists, blog ideas, measurements, confirmation numbers, etc
  • Forever 21 plaid scarf from about 3 years ago since my office is an icebox
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs Umbrella I purchased at the store a few years ago
  • Kate Spade Leopard Wallet* I bought on ebay for like 12.00
  • Blackberry Storm
  • Mac Studio Fix
  • Hello Kitty Cotton Candy Lip Gloss from the dollar spot at Target
  • ELF Lip Plumper-another cheap Target find..I LOVE this brand
  • Random Brush-appears to probably be a bronzer brush of some sort
Hope you ladies enjoyed a peek into my bag! I want to thank all of the lovely ladies who have participated in the series this year, as well as all of you readers, for actually coming and reading this blog. I never imagined two years later it would still be going strong!

Have a fab weekend loves!!

*I really should have my life sponsored by Kate Spade.


  1. Love the bag! I was always wonder why my bags are so heavy...probably because I try to carry my whole life with me in a purse! LOL

  2. Ahh I NEED a Goyard bag. Clearly my boyfriend must understand this is much more essential than paying rent haha. xo

  3. noooo! is this series ending?! i sure hope not...or that there is another one for next year!

    love all your stuff! and yes, your life really does need to be sponsored by Kate Spade hahaha!

    Happy Friday, Doll!

  4. I love that you didn't edit the contents of your bag. It would take me a day to first clean out my bag, then make its contents presentable enough to be photographed! That Kate Spade leopard wallet is fierce! Have a happy weekend, my dear!

  5. wow! its actually really organized! lol :)

  6. Can't believe you got that cute Kate Spade wallet for $12?!?! And I had no idea H&M made lipstick? Love the red!

  7. I can't believe you have TWO Goyard totes! This girl is jelly! Your bag would really keep you covered should an emergency ever strike! Nice collection lady!

  8. I am also impressed by the organization. My bag literally looks like the receipt fairy threw up in it right now.

  9. Ya now I need to clean out my bag!!! Love yours!


  10. hahaha you are a walking billboard for them!!

  11. We girls love to have all the stuff we need with us - always. That is why we have big purses and by big it also means heavy. Haha! Enjoy the lovely week, Kellie xx

  12. I love seeing what other girls carry in their purses! I change bags all the times and end up leaving knick knacks in all of them :) Your post has inspired me to go through my bag and figure out why it's so heavy too ;) Great blog!

    - the runaway

  13. that's awesome!! i always wonder why my purse is so heavy as well, and then I remember it's because i hold everything in my whole life in it!

  14. Happy 2nd birthday!

    You are soooo organized. My house is pretty well taken care of but my bag -- not so much...
    But heavy it is. We have that in common!

    ox, Mon

  15. LOVE your Goyard bag! It's on my wish list for 2011!


...thanks for the comments sweetness!