Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Red Carpet Roundup: 2011 Golden Globes

Hello loves! Sorry for the delay on this recap, but hope you aren't already over it!
I didn't get to watch any of the red carpet or the show, but here are my favorites:

Eva Longoria in Zac Posen

Leighton Meester in Burberry Prosum

Emma Stone in Calvin Klein Collection

Catherine Zeta Jones in Monique Llullier

Diana Aragon in J. Mendel

Mandy Moore in Monique Lluhllier

Heather Morris in Lorena Sarbu

So ladies, thoughts?


  1. Emma Stone looks so stunning! My favorite look of the night was Ann Hathaway's for sure!

  2. mila kunis was my fave!! she looked gorg in that green!

  3. I didn't watch any of it (red carpet or awards), but the pictures I've seen of Leighton M have really caught my eye. I just love her dress!

  4. Eva looks fierce!! But then again, she always looks gooood!! ;-)

    Happy Tuesday Darling! xo

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  5. I didn't catch the show either, some of my faves were Anne Hathaway and Julianne Moore.

    ps i got your email but i was in Mexico over the weekend so i'll get back to you tonight! I'd love for us to meet up with Lyndsy!

  6. Oooh I loved Eva!! She looks stunning!! And I didn't even see Katherine Zeta Jones, she looked gorgeous too!

    PS thanks for the Farm at the Carneros Inn suggestions.. it's looks awesome!

  7. I totally agree that Eva was a winner- so elegant!

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  8. Loved Eva Longoria's dress! My favorite was Angelina Jolie's dress due to the way it made her eyes stand out!

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  9. I thought the overall color palette was fabulous. I also loved how most dresses were so simple.

  10. i actually really liked natalies look! and kyra sedgewick too.

  11. Never watch awards shows but I usually watch the Red Carpet show leading up to it. For some reason, I missed this one but I have seen dozens of pictures. I think most of the women looked pretty good. Love Emma Stone's dress but I wish she had worn another color. That color would look good on me but she is far too pale. I think Eva is showing too much cleavage but, that's her. My favorite was Angelina Jolie's emerald green dress. I thought she looked stunning but the reviews have been mixed (as usual for Angelina). I think Anne Hathaway dresses too old and looks uncomfortable in what she does wear. She needs to wear unbeaded things; something young and fresh.

  12. Loved Emma, Eva and Heather Morris. Also Claire Danes!


...thanks for the comments sweetness!