Thursday, February 10, 2011

Best Onscreen TV Couples

First off, ladies, work blocked blogger! So I'm not going to be able to comment on your lovely posts until I get home each evening...I apologize.

In honor of Valentine's Day, there are a lot of lists floating around about the best and most romantic tv couples. And while I can appreciate Lucy and Ricky and others, I've compiled a list of the tv couples that are my modern favorites(and honorable mentions)

The Best:

This is a tie between Zack and Kelly

and Corey and Topanga

All of my childhood, this is what I thought true love looked like. Not gonna lie, I still believe it is.

Ross and Rachel

Pam and Jim

Honorable Mentions:

These are for my favorite couples that in the end, didn't end up together, and it is a shame

Kevin and Winnie

Buffy and Angel

Luke and Lorelei(this is kinda a grey area, the last episode was vague)

Brenda and Dylan

Kelly and Brandon

Stabler and Benson(I know, they're partners. But I just want to see it happen already)

Who did I miss? Who are your favorites??


  1. Loved this! Don't you kind of feel like you grew up with all those couples?! Zach and Kelly are my fave... I was obsessed with SBTB!

  2. Ross and Rachel & Zach and Kelly all the way.

  3. Love this post! I love Luke and Lorelei, they were so cute. And of course Ross and Rachel, who can top them!

  4. HA this is hysterical! My work blocked Blogger, too! So frustrating. Home sick : (

    Anyway, I think Kevin and Winnie get my vote!

  5. I was so happy to see Corey and Topanga here!!
    but yeah, Rachel and Ross... you can´t beat them.

  6. I usually read from the bottom in my reader but I saw the pic of Zack and Kelly and all bets were off! I love them!

    wait. time out! Brandon and Kelly didn't end up together? I think I was mentally blocking that out because logically I knew Brandon wasn't on the show for a LONG TIME in its later years : (


  7. I love this! Zack & Kelly, Corey & Topanga and Ross & Rachel are my favorites! I still watch those shows when I can! What a great valentine's post!

  8. Kevin and Winnie! True Love...I still watch the show today hoping maybe it will change haha Cute post :)

  9. such a fun post! Zack and Kelly are definitely my favorite!!

  10. I hope my work doesn't figure it out and block it!

    There are some great flash backs!

  11. Definitely Corey and Topanga, as well as Marisa and Ryan from The O.C.

  12. Love these!! I'm all for Zack and Kelly, Ross and Rachel & Pam and Jim!!

  13. ross and rachel for sure. another couple that really DID IT for me was carrie and aiden!

  14. Ross and Rachel all the way!! I had such a crush on him haha. xo

  15. Omg omg- is it wrong that I loved every single couple you listed?! This post brings me back girl! Loved it!


  16. As far as I am concerned, Luke and Lorelei did end up together. And Holly's addition of Carrie and Aiden is one of my tops as well. I have to add in Felicity and Noel; they were just so cute together.

  17. Absolutely Jim and Pam...on the day of their wedding episode i was giddy. "you do know this is just a TV show, right?" said my husband...

  18. Ross and Rachel - Yes! Kelly and Dylan - YES! Zach and Kelly - Yes! My faves!

  19. i am so happy to see you included benson and stabler. that was my first thought!

    also love luke & lorelei (and believe they made it - i want a GG movie!).

    never cared for brenda, but loooove me some dylan mckay.

    love this list!

  20. eric and donna!


...thanks for the comments sweetness!