Thursday, February 17, 2011

An Irish Wedding

I am just loving the sweet elements of this Irish Wedding seen on The Neo-Traditionalist

The Wellies, the jcrew dresses, and gorgeous wedding gown make me ready to shoot across the pond for a celebration


  1. beautiful! i love the tree they get married under!

  2. What a lovely setting, I really love the simplicity and romance of the gown and the setting. What a fun picture of the attendants in muckers.

  3. that tree is beautiful, it made for the perfect setting and stunning pictures! i love all the details too, what a great wedding

  4. the wellies! love it! and that tree! amazing!

  5. hahah the weelies did it for me! how cute.

    I want that dress for my wedding.. but can I get that body too? cause that'd be sweet

  6. Love all parts of these pictures. The more casual bridesmaids the gunniess being passed around. Amazing.

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