Monday, March 14, 2011

Bad Blogger

Just checking in dolls. I took zero pics from the weekend, in a total cute outfit fail. I am so sad, le tired, and this time change is killing me.
If I make it through the work day, I cannot wait to come home and check out all your lovely posts

PS..SMC got robbed of their at large big..I am so salty


  1. Pretty pictures are what is getting me through this work day and time change. You'd think one itty bitty hour wouldn't matter so much, but oh how it does...

  2. the time change is killing me too! yikes!

  3. this is why we all need to move to AZ... because they don't do time changes. Smart people.


  4. this weekend i thought i saw you at nordstrom in wc! but it wasnt you :( boo


...thanks for the comments sweetness!