Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Lessons

Happy Friday loves. I had a busy, thought provoking week. Filled with laughs,tears,meltdowns, various songs on repeat over and over,and puppy kisses when I needed them most. Some things I learned:

  • As much as I complain, I would be completely helpless without my family so close. I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing at 26
  • Sometimes I am my own worst enemy. As Sara and Jaclyn tell me on an almost daily basis, I need to get out of my head.
  • Blog Friend Brunches are just delightful and need to happen again soon!
  • Sometimes, even thought I rescued Georgie, I'm pretty sure he rescued me
  • I am ready for summer
  • Can you believe this is the end of the 12th week of 2011? And they have pretty fab 12 weeks for the most part
  • I forgot how hard it is to write a business plan. It is much harder when it is your own money and not hypothetical money for projects in college
  • I have finally accepted my black boyfriend blazer is never magically coming back from wherever it now is. I am open to suggestions for a new one, preferably in the under 50.00 range
  • I'm so ready for next Friday!

What Lessons did you learn this week?

Oh, and if you want an amazing love story, read this


  1. love your style!!
    you´re so cute....
    follow u =D

  2. Sounds like an amazing week, especially the rescued puppy part!
    Good luck with the business plan, that is all I deal with at work so I can relate...
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Aww, I love this list! Especially the bit about George saving sweet! And yes, why is it so darn hard to find a good blazer under $50???

  4. I think you can find a cute bf blazer at H&M or Forever 21 as long as you don't want it to last super long : /

    I did not know this was the 12th week of 2011, but 12 is my favorite number!

    Dogs are the best!


  5. the NPH image cracked me up, i love him!

    blogger brunches will definitely need to happen again! it was so much fun!

    this week i learned that i need to go on a shopping ban.

    i also really want a new clutch from american apparel. decisions decisions.

  6. I am learning this week not to let other people steal my happiness. They're allowed to be miserable if they want to be but ugh, I do not like that energy! What a bummer about your blazer! Haver you tried H&M? I've found 2 blazers from there (around the $50 range) that I love. Also, Victoria's Secret generally tends to have some good ones. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the week! xx, MademoiselleMichael P.S. I can't remember if I let you know but I am a HUGE Giants fan:)

  7. UM are you a HIMYM fay?! wow I am soo obsessed with that show!

  8. Zara has some fabulous black bf blazers and are at very reasonable prices, check them out!

  9. HMMMM
    I LOVE how I met your mother! :D Seriously
    I learned.
    I need a planner
    I need to be more responsible
    I am so capable of what I thought I wasn't and
    I need to get to work on projects! LIke RIGHT NOW!

  10. Being close to my family is one of the things that gets me through most days! It's a blessing you're lucky to have. Lessons I learned this week: pretending I am not sick anymore doesn't actually mean I am better. It actually means I have a sinus infection. And also, I need sleep :)

  11. love this post! you are so right about everything...
    Also, great Black BF Blazer on sale right now at Urban Outfitters (in stores, not sure about online)

  12. Good luck with the business plan! I'm sure it will turn out even better because it means so much more than those college projects :)

  13. I hope you had a great weekend after last week!!!

  14. Oh Danielle :) I think everything you just shared are true for all of us. I especially agree with the Georgie rescuing you (gotta love Waldo) and blogger brunches :) I am also with you on getting out of my own head...did it last night and need to just relax :) happy almost april friend :)


...thanks for the comments sweetness!