Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Prayers for Japan

I know by now everyone has seen the shocking footage out of Japan. As someone who lives in Northridge during the 94 quake, I cannot image what is was like to be in a quake that was 300,000 times that, as well as the aftershocks, tsunami, and now the nuclear meltdown that is happening.

It is just heartbreaking to watch, and it is one of those things that really puts some perspective on everything.


  1. Thanks for this post- I love your blog and read it religiously, although I never comment. I'm in Japan now, thankfully safe in the southern part, but I'm heartbroken over everything that took place up north and terrified of more consequences to come in the next few days. I think it will all be okay, or at least i keep faith.

  2. ugh, this is just so horrible. there arent even words.

  3. So sad. My thoughts are with those beloved people and their beautiful country. xoxo


...thanks for the comments sweetness!