Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What I Wore: Blogger Brunch

This past rainy Sunday, I had the pleasure of finally meeting Lyndsy and Kristen for brunch in Pasadena. It was so much fun, and I cannot wait to meet up with these lovely ladies again soon.

Before I went, I stopped by my parents and had my dad snap a picture-it's kinda awk since he was holding my iphone for about ten min before actually snapping it..so don't mind my annoyed smile

I was planning on waiting for this guy to go on sale, but I just had to bite the bullet. I love it
Necklace-Kate Spade
Christmas Present from my aunt
Jeans:William Rast for Target
no joke, these jeans were maybe 7.00 on sale. and I LOVE William Rast at regular non-Target prices, so this was a score
Score on ebay for 40.00
Not Pictured-Bag-Givenchy Nightingale

I just realized I look really crosseyed or something in this picture. Man I need to work on this a little more..


  1. Super cute for brunch!! I have been eying that sweater too...well anything with stripes really!

  2. love the stripes! You look classic and chic:)

  3. How fun...I love blog get togethers. I'm having one myself in April! Kori xoxo


  4. so cute! i love stripes and your necklace was gorg it caught my eye all through brunch!

    it was so much fun meeting with you and Lyndsy, we'll definitely have to do it again!!!

  5. Love it! Can't belive those boots were only 40! What a steal! xx-Jackie

  6. so jealous of these bloggy meet ups!!! I totally want to have one! And I want to look as cute as you did!


  7. So jelly of your purse! I want! Cute outfit, too. A blogger brunch is such a great idea.

  8. It was soo good to meet you both and you looked oh so perfectly put together and chic in the rain (no surprise there)! I was totally thinking as I drove home in the rain, we didn't get a picture of our meeting - grrr! We must make sure to get one next meeting! XOXO


...thanks for the comments sweetness!