Friday, April 15, 2011

April My Favorite Find: Annie and Elizabeth of THE NOW Stylebook

Hello ladies and Happy Friday! I am so thrilled to have the fabulous besties Annie and Elizabeth of THE NOW Stylebook for our April my favorite find. Their blog is filled with amazing fashion, wedding inspiration, and crazy fabulous interiors. If you don't already follow them, you will..these Texas ladies are just fabulous!

Helloooo!!! Elizabeth here from THE NOW Stylebook!! First off, Annie and I are so excited to be taking part in Danielle's "My Favorite Find" and want to thank her for letting us be a part of your beautiful, stylish blog!!

My favorite find by far has to be Mercury Design Studio in Austin, TX. It is THE MOST unique furniture/gift store I have ever been to. I actually found this Austin based store when they opened a tiny, edited version in Dallas inside a larger boutique, LFT (RIP). It was open for a very short time, but luckily, I managed to score some amazing furniture! When I first went to the store in Austin, I literally felt like I was in a dream! I had finally found a store that was 100% my style. The reason I am so drawn to Mercury Design Studio is because of the owner's knack for mixing quirky antiques, natural elements, with modern, glamorous design.

From coffee table books to stuffed, bandanna wearing coyotes, there is something for every taste and every budget.

Mercury is phenomenally merchandised. Vignettes are painted, wallpapered and decorated with the most gorgeous finds from around the world.

When I saw this baby blue lacquered, baroque chest, I was in heaven!! I couldn't envision life without it. It definitely is a standout piece in our house and sets the tone for what the rest of the house will someday look like. The black and white chairs also came from Mercury and while I don't really sit on them that often, they are absolutely stunning!

All of this talk about Mercury has made me want to take a trip down to Austin ASAP!!! Hope you all enjoy the my find!!!

xoxo, Elizabeth

Hello Loves! It's Annie from THE NOW. Has anyone else noticed how closet organization has been all over the blogs recently? I personally can't get enough of it, and that's why I'm super excited to be here sharing my favorite find... The Container Store's Polytherm Grid System

I love fun, costume-y jewelry, but if you're like me, it starts piling up in random drawers around your house and soon it all starts missing. That's why I found this grid system, where I can rotate in some of my favorite pieces-of-the-moment, and have them neatly arranged on my closet wall.

ou can attach all sorts of hooks, trays and cups to make sure your jewelry is arranged the way you like it. I personally use hooks to hang necklaces, and the trays to store my chunky bangles and "fun" watches.

With prices ranging from $9.99 for a small grid to $16.99 for a large one, you can't beat it!

So until I can have a closet for "play jewelry" like this...

I'm sticking to my Container Store favorite find!

Happy Organizing!

xoxo, Annie


  1. I have an issue with keeping my jewelry organized. Thanks for the idea and great post ladies.
    Chic Modern Vintage

  2. love the jewelry organizing idea!

  3. great post, gals! HOW did i not make this texas connection earlier? i'm from austin!

    and danielle, lovely to find your blog! now following :)


  4. Ahh I want to go to Mercury right now. And I so so love a perfectly organized jewelry collection. Love this post! xo


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