Thursday, May 26, 2011

Anna's NYC Wedding at The Plaza

I cannot believe I never posted pictures of the wedding I was in a year ago(oh my ) for one of my best friends from college at the Plaza in NYC. Anna and Ryan have one of those stories that would make you hate them if you didn't know them. Her date to junior prom came down with a sickness and was not able to go. Her friends bf said "oh my friend Ryan would go with you last min if you still want to go" and they've been together ever since. Not to mention they are the most fun couple to hang out and have dance parties with

Here is me with my lovely disposable camera I had to run out to 5th avenue to buy bc someone got a little drunk at the rehersal dinner and lost it. It was fitting really since I went through 3 digital cameras while studying in Italy with Anna

We wore twobirds bridesmaids dresses in black

The Italy trio. I miss you ladies sooo much

So much fun. How fast time flies. Now it is time for babies miss!


  1. As always....her wedding amazes me....Gorgeous!

  2. lady, you look stunning in your two birds dress!

  3. beautiful photos! you look stunning!

  4. What a beautiful wedding. Looks like a lot of fun!


...thanks for the comments sweetness!