Monday, May 2, 2011

Searching for a Crossbody Evening Bag

I've been searching lately for a mini crossbody bag I can use on nights out, so my hands are free to hold a drink and dance my face off. On my trips up north I've been using my Nightingale, purely to be able to throw sandals in there so when I walk up the hills in North Beach, I don't die. I'm classy, I know.

I really want something like this chanel Lauren Conrad has, but I'm not sure my iphone would even fit in here..let alone anything I may, cards, etc

Here are some other options I am considering...

Ann Taylor

Rebecca Minkoff

Tory Burch

Do you ladies have any other recommendations?


  1. the rebecca minkoff is stunning!

  2. I'm loving the Tory. I could use as cross body evening bad too. The hunt is on.

  3. I have the Rebecca Minkoff one (in a different color) and it is amazing! You can wear it crossbody, or double up the straps and wear it as a normal shoulder bag. Definitely recommend!

  4. The Chanel would be perfect! Target actually had some cute ones when I was there the other day!

    ps love the new layout!

  5. the small scout bags from kate spade :)

  6. these are all adorable... I definitely would go with the Tory Burch!

  7. I am obsessed with the DVH Harper Day Bag, though it's a smidge over my price range at $625. That Ann Taylor one is awesome! Nordstrom made a Chanel look-a-like crossbody last year, they prob still have it. It was a leather and chain strap and quilted zip-around purse. I'll look into it!

  8. I love the TB - but im just not crazy about the cross body not too sure...

  9. I'm dying over the Tory Burch number. SO cute :)

    Since we're on the topic of adorable, your blog makeover is killer!!! LOVE it :)

  10. just found your blog & love it! i'm your newest follower ;) follow back if you'd like!


...thanks for the comments sweetness!