Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy Friday!!

Happy Friday loves! What do you all have planned this weekend? I have a pretty jam packed one with a date tonight(which I probably should be a little more excited for, but I'm so meh about it minus what I'm planning on wearing), tomorrow I am spending the day with one of my oldest friends and we are going to see the Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA, and a baby shower on Sunday afternoon! All while celebrating the one year adoption anniversary of Mr. Georgie Porgie!!


  1. you have your hands full with all fun fun FUN things! i'm sure you'll be more excited about the date once it gets a little closer {i.e. an hour or 5 min before :)}

  2. i can't believe you've had Georgie for a year!...seems like yesterday you adopted him.

    Can't wait to hear about the date!


  3. happy 1 year! let us know what you are going to wear for the date!!!

  4. Happy 1 year!! Do tell... how was the date?!


...thanks for the comments sweetness!