Thursday, June 9, 2011

Recent Budget Beauty Buys

I don't normally do product reviews here, but I recently scooped up some budget beauty buys I thought worth mentioning

I always go through the makeup bins at Nordstrom Rack to see if I can find any good scores:

I love too faced products

I scooped up the Ooh La Rouge blush in creme brulee( the far left) and it is my favorite shade. ever. The two colors blended are the perfect shade for the upcoming summer months.Total cost..6.00 (17.10 on website)

I have been looking for a solid black eyeliner that does not smudge. Unfortunately, the Lava Matte is not it. And it is not even super hot out yet. By 12pm on Monday I had smudges all under my eyes. Total cost: 4.00(9.00 on website)

So, like most women, I have cellulite. Sorry, I know it is gross. So I scooped up this Bliss Serious Seaweek Soap that you are supposed to use 3 times a week. I obviously cannot write a review yet, but it does feel nice in the shower.
Total: 5.00(14.00 on website)

Then after nordies I popped into Target and left with many things I did not need, per usual.

So I have always been a fan of the Jergens Natural Glow lotion to use on my legs, I find it is a natural looking way for me to not look super pale. I got the firming version, because well, see above.

I also picked up some new ELF brushes. I have some of the white handle ones I bought for the gym, but the stunk. These are worth the "pricey" 3 or 4 dollars. They are just as good as my Bobbi Brown Brushes.

I also scooped up some Mineral Lip Gloss colors in Wild and Nude. I like to put the Wild over my Revlon Coral Lipstick

if your target doesn't have a big selection, I suggest going to their website. They are always having sales and free shipping offers, and I really think they have great products!

And finally, I could not resist getting two new Essie nail polish colors in Carnival and Tangerine

Have you ladies scored any good beauty buys lately? I love hearing about them and scooping up new products to try!


  1. i love everything but i am most curious about the bar. i, too, suffer from that awful cottage cheese look. ugh!

    oh and tangerine will look good on!

  2. wow that's good to hear about those brushes. i'm currently on the hunt for some new ones as the pup chewed a number of mine. major sad face since they were all mac brushes :(

    and as always, gotta love the essie colors. i'm becoming such a fan!

  3. that Jergens lotion = a staple!!!

  4. I love makeup! the black elf brusehs are awesome, their powder brush is my fave. i bought the shorter powder brush too, the 2nd one over...but idk how to really use it. i also but the fan blush brush and it's not working for me. the other brushes are though

    Kristen from Love Lipstick and Pearls

    (blogger comments is still being lame)

  5. Um, gonna head over to Nordie Rack after work to pick up the bronzer and cellulite soap!! I have found such good beauty buys at drugstores, it's not even funny. Perhaps your post has inspired me to do a beauty post soon!

  6. I heard those elf brushes were good! I'll have to pick one up next time I'm out. Have you tried gel eyeliner? It seriously lasts all day. I've only tried Sonia Kashuk's but am beyond obsessed.

  7. Oh! I love a good beauty review! Not that this is budget friendly... but - I am sort of obsessed w/ my foundation - its by armani, but its bananas!! Oh - and on the budget friendlier side - I have a slight addiction to aquafor!

    have a fab weekend and loved this post!


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