Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sweatin to the ...

I just got back to the gym yesterday after not being active for three weeks, and it was rough. After many years of working out, I have found that I work better when I have specific goals with specific rewards-like lose 8lbs by July 29, when I hit that goal treat myself to some lululemon workout pants

rather than just generic lose weight to look better , um, without anything on-which lets be honest is always the end goal

I need some new jams to add to my workout mix..what are you suggestions??
Some of the songs that are currently on my workout mix:

-Give me Everything-Pitbull
-Edge of Glory-Lady Gaga
-Slave 4 U-Britney Spears
-Everytime we Touch-Cascada
-Workout Song-Kanye
-Forever-Chris Brown
-DJ Earworm mixes
-Best Days of Your Life-Kellie Pickler


  1. definitely add fashion of his love by gaga!

  2. good list! I like Miley Cyrus's I Can't Be Tamed lol

  3. I totally agree with you!! You have to reward yourself once you hit a certain goal!! I jam out to Edge of Glory and Cascada for that extra push in my workouts too! ;) Techno definitely does the trick too!

  4. That's such a good goal! Lose weight = new lululemon. I might just have to join you in that!

    I always work out to a mixture of MGMT, definitely Pitbull ("Hey Baby" and "On the Floor") and sometimes Ke$ha. I also try to load my playlist up with artists who I want to look like in the end, so you KNOW Britney is on there (Circa 2001).

    Good luck on your goal! You'll rock it :)

  5. love the idea of putting goals with dates in mind. Good luck and cute lululemon pants!


  6. I am the exact same way, need some motivation.

  7. I am crazy about lululemon. If you feel bad about the way you look at the gym....you will leave....but a cute like number for lululemon keeps you motivated!

  8. On Top - The Killers
    Roll Up - Wiz Khalifa
    Edge of Seventeen - Stevie Nicks
    Last Friday Night - Katy Perry
    Foxey Lady - Jimi Hendrix

    There's a little something from every genre...hope these help keep you motivated!! Loved your advice from Carrie Bradshaw today...so what if we've adopted a fictional character as a modern day guru? I'm okay with it.


...thanks for the comments sweetness!