Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Warning: This post is pretty random

Happy hump day ladies..

Love this braid

Blake, you are so lovely, keep your clothes on and sexy pictures to yourself

Cheating guilt sets in before I'm even done with a snack

I love LCs hair in this pic..messy bun to the max

Oscar DeLa Renta on me

Dying over this entire Rebecca Minkoff look for fall

I saw this picture on a blog.
Convo with my mom on Sunday:
"Mom, did you know there is a hotel in Sicily that has water slides into the ocean?"
"Yes Danielle. We stayed there when we went with Frank and Maria. Frank and Daddy would race down the slides"

Zara bag, I love you. You are an affordable version of the Valentino

Does anyone know the name of this OPI color?

Never have more true words been spoken Snooks


  1. Not at all random - just what is needed mid-week : )

  2. love the "random" post! can't believe your parents stayed at that hotel! that's freaking awesome!

    i think that glitter polish is from the alice in wonderland collection.

  3. That's either "Glow Up Already" or "Bring on the Bling"... OPI lover here!

    I completely LOVE the random post btw. So fun and a great way to switch things up sometimes!

  4. This post rocks my Wednesday:) I definitely laughed out my office.

    Have a great day! xx

  5. love the randomness of the post - keeps us on our toes:) LC's hair is super cool!

  6. I want to go to Sicily right away!! That looks like an amazing time!!

  7. lol I love random posts. Can I accompany your parents on their next trip to Italy?? Also, why can't I be LC?

  8. Random posts are the bests. I love the waterslides..I need that at my house!

  9. This post made me giggle and smile. Love! That nail polish is from the burlesque collection. got it at christmas time!

    Waterslide yes please and couldn't agree more about Blake!

  10. love random posts….i want that bag!!

    xx Katie

  11. I don't have the glitter polish by OPI, but i have the one by Butter and I LOVE it, it is the only polish I can put on myself without needing a professional mani. So - whenever the nails are looking like crap - I go to that sparkle one! The color by Butter is "West End Wonderland"

  12. The braid in this post is awesome and I have been thinking about it all week. It can be accomplished using a lace braid( you can find tutorials on youtube). All you have to do is add hair to the back piece of hair instead of the front piece. You also braid it like an inside out french braid (meaning the middle strand always goes over when you cross)

  13. Just catching up on my reading! Great posts as usual! Love this one, so fun!


...thanks for the comments sweetness!