Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More "Royal" Weddings

This weekend two royals tied the knot..one actual royal and fashion royalty.

Princess Charlene wed Prince Albert II in Monaco in Custom Giorgio Armani

I think this dress is absolute perfection, as anything Armani is, though I wish she looked a little happier

While Kate Moss married Jamie Hince in custom Galliano

trying to be objective since I think the fashion industry as a whole and their acceptance of Galliano's disgusting behavior is appauling, I think the dress is quite pretty, but I am excited to see the three reception dresses Stella McCartney designed...I guess we will have to wait until The September Issue of Vogue


  1. the royals always have that similar style bouquet, im not a fan.

    kate looks lovely!

  2. Not a fan of Charlene's dress...the beading looks so outdated and it's too simple for me. Personal preference! I guess the royals have to adhere to the traditional styles.

  3. I think Charlene's dress suits her. AND looks nothing like Kate's [Middleton] so that's a plus for her.

    I LOVE Kate Moss's gown! IT was so gorgeous! Bohemian, vintage and classy!



...thanks for the comments sweetness!