Monday, July 11, 2011

Pressure Makes US

55 min+ of playing with 10 players. PK retaken for Brazil to tie. Brazil goal in ET offside. Abbey Womack scoring with 35 seconds left. USA women winning in PK's on the 12 year anniversary of the Brandi Chastain goal.

I wrote about the amazing Landon Donovan moment last year, I think this may top it. I played soccer for my entire life. I was at the World Cup game in 1999. I went to Julie Foudy soccer camp. I cried when I met Mia Hamm at a Dodger Game. Yesterday I was in the midst of drafting a letter to the US soccer federation about Fifa's bias against the US( last year mens world cup, Quatar buying their world cup bid, and what had happened earlier in this game). If you didn't watch the game, google the highlights. Onto the semi finals-you know I'll have the game on in our conf room on Wednesday morning. USA USA.

This Nike commerical ends with the phrase "Pressure Makes Us"...yes it does ladies, yes it does.


  1. Absolutely LOVE this!

    I've played soccer my whole life as well, and World Cup is one of my favorite times. Yesterday's officials were some of the worst I've ever seen, but I am so glad our ladies were able to rise above it all and come out on top!


  2. I know, how amazing were the games??? Loved 'em!

  3. that was an unbelievable moment!!!

  4. I have watched the US vs Brazil game 3 times. I still get goosebumps when they won. I loved how seemingly calm the US team were in taking the shootout kicks. This is a team that has great strength, skills and determination.

  5. It was a seriously an awesome moment! Unbelieveable!!

  6. I love soccer and that commercial rocks.


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