Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bad Date Bingo

I saw this on The Friskey and couldn't help but laugh. We've all had our fair share of awful dates. I think I would substitute sports fanatic with hates sports and complained about hipsters with is a hispter, and this is pretty much everything I don't want in a date

Worst date experience..let me hear them in the comments...


  1. my first date ever: 16 years old
    he picks me up.
    we turn left out of my cul de sac.
    he hits a dog with his car.

    i win.
    game over.

  2. Irene! That is terrible!! LOL.
    Worst date ever.... actually was just a few weeks ago... it was sooo bad I was texting through the whole thing and ended up meeting someone else at the bar we were at. Needless to say... I am still seeing the guy I left him for. HA! Maybe it wasn't the worst date after all if it led to me meeting a great one!!

  3. OMG too funny! I think goodniteirene's story is so sad:(

  4. ugh, let me count the bad dates....


...thanks for the comments sweetness!