Monday, August 29, 2011

Britney Deserved Better

Dear MTV, that was the worst tribute ever. Those kids were cute, but she deserved more. Gaga needed to get off the stage. and WTF..did you tell her her acceptance speech needed to be Beyonce's intro??? Girlfriend is back, has overcome a lot, you should've at least not smushed her in with Beyonce.

In other news, Beyonce and Jay Z are finally having a little nugget.

Adele is flat out amazing. No lights and lazers and costumes and shennanigans. Pure emotion.

and Louisa Roe posted her outfit on twitter-and man I couldn't rotate it for the life of me-but I like it!


  1. I haven't watched the VMA's yet (plan to) and am disappointed to hear Brit Brit didn't get the tribute she deserves!

  2. oh my gosh....I have to say the VMAs are my LEAST favorite awards show. All of the hoopla and nonsense and (un)funny host & presenter jokes killed me this time. I wish Brit Brit would've gotten the recognition she deserved and put lady gaga to rest a little!!

  3. Agreed. That was just uncomfortable to watch. The transition from her speech to Beyonce's intro was rushed. I hated seeing Gaga hover over Brit, she seemed overwhelmed. Oy!

  4. Couldn't agree MORE. SO painful to watch!!! I felt so bad for Britney...Gaga was stealing her moment! ugh.

    I'm loving your blog!! Not sure how I stumbled across it...but I need to stick around!

  5. poor Brit!!! I also think her wardrobe team could have done better, but still lover her!


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