Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy{Hollywood Bowl} weekend!

Hello lovies! Happy first weekend of August(oh my!) I am off to the bowl tomorrow night to see Hairspray,and boy am I excited! Nick Jonas , John Stamos, and some of the stars of the original broadway cast(which I saw in NY way back when and was fabulous) are hitting the stage, and I cannot wait for an evening with a good meal, a good friend, and hopefully some celebrity sightings! Last year at Rent it was jam packed with celebs, and I hope tomorrow night is the same!
I also only used this picture because I want his gf's Valentino shoes! What do you all have planned in these last months of summer??

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  1. JELLY that you get to see such a fun event! WEIRD that he (Nick Jonas) date a 26 year old...Have fun!!


...thanks for the comments sweetness!