Wednesday, August 10, 2011

O'verlays..The Best Idea Ever

We all love a good Ikea hack, and that is the idea behind O'verlays, which I discovered from Erin's blog. They have pieces that you can attach to typical ikea pieces to make them look custom

I immediately emailed my dad this picture and told him we are doing it. Greek Key? yes please!!

how chic does this 11 dollar lack side table look!

and they are paintable!
This is just pure genius, and affordable too. I cannot wait to order some pieces. I am in the market for a new dresser, and now I think I have the perfect excuse!

Would you ever use a product like this? Or try to DIY yourself?


  1. love the table and the display in the second photo.

  2. i think the word genius is completely overused in blogland, but HERE it is actually appropriate!!

  3. very cool idea and really effective decor transformation. I especially like the overlay on mirrors.

  4. i saw this on pinterest, it's such a good idea. i just hate how cheap some of ikea's furniture is. i have a dresser from there and just last month 3 of the drawers broke beyond repair. so now it looks super ghetto in my room until i have the time to get it out and move my old one back in.

  5. So genius! The dresser Greek key overlay is my favorite:)

  6. Yes !! I LOVE the greek key overlay...genius idea !!


  7. This is amazing. Now that I'm getting my own place I've been obsessed with Ikea/Ikea hacks. I ended up getting my couch there too!

  8. This is amazing!!! I absolutely love it. I want it on every single piece of furniture I own

  9. ahh I need to order some ASAP! you make me spend money with all your good finds!! but I love you for it



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