Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend shots from the Flea Market

Saturday night after the Bowl I stayed at my friends house, and after a delicious brunch Sunday Morning(I had croissant french toast. I probably shouldn't eat again for a month but and then I decided to pop into the Fairfax flea market. I really enjoy this weekly market because it is not huge, there are always a ton of vendors, and it is so fun to people watch. Last time I went I spotted Erin Featherston.

I went in search of a bar cart-didn't find one I liked, but snapped some shots on my iPhone while I wandered

Gorgeous Asian Pottery

Vintage Chanel Spectator Pumps

This vendor sold faux flower wreaths. They were quite pretty. She was telling me a lot of girls bought them before Coachella, which made a lot of sense

Another awesome vendor, he made clocks out of books. I would totally use this in a child's room!

Stunning cane back chair with tufted cushion

Gorgeous Faux Bamboo Gold Shelving Unit. I wanted this, but couldn't find the owner of the booth to ask the price! After 5 min, I moved on

Mid Century furniture was everywhere this weekend. I really liked the end table, but ended up purchasing the gray marble coffee table below

It is is fabulous condition, was so cheap (30.00), and I was able to take the legs off so I could carry it to the car


  1. very cool finds! I really want to go to a flea market around here!

  2. i love a good day at the flea

  3. MAJOR score! As sad as this is, I've never been to a flea market! eeps!

  4. i want those dr. sues books in my classroom!

  5. These are all great stuffs. I really like you giving away cool stuffs for weekend. Perfect relaxation and it brings inspiration for another week. Great job :)

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  6. Great finds ! I havent been to the Melrose flea market in a while...your making me want to go ! Love the table you got !!


  7. i need to start checking out flea markets, those are some finds!

  8. I think I need to make a visit to that flea market!


...thanks for the comments sweetness!