Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Snap Shots

Hello loves!
Here are a few shots from the weekend in San Francisco. The weather was delightful, the weekend was great, and I miss everyone already.

You will also notice that in no way, shape, or form does my hair look ombre. yeah stylist fail. it came out darker.

Friday night was a surprise party for Sara. She thought we were going out to dinner, and we were meeting another friend for drinks first. She really had no idea

Some shots from the room..decorated with lots of pink, party poms, and custom Happy Birthday Striped Straws in mason jars

Then Rowdy the dog came for a little cameo

Saturday we went to lunch(which honestly, was one of the worst meals of our lives. The food was awful, the service was the worst, and we almost were too sick to go out.) but we recovered and went for a walk at the Ferry Building and treated the birthday girl to some balloons

and then went out in the Marina ! It was the first time in a while that I was out late enough that the bar actually turned the lights

We are already planning our next weekend together, which will be sometime in September for a long weekend at the Hard Rock in San Diego. It can't get here quick enough!

Both of my dresses for the weekend were from Rent the Runway, and it was such a great experience I will be using them again. Friday I wore Tibi and Saturday Proenza Schouler. I am on a mission now to find the Tibi dress to add to my closet! If you have never tried it, let me know if you need me to email you an invite!


  1. Looks like such fun! San Fran is one of my favorite cities. Love the color coordination each night :>)

  2. Looks like a blast!! Love your pictures. The Hard Rock in SD is FABULOUS!

    Hope you have a great Monday :)

  3. haha i havent been to a bar where they turn on the lights in A LONG TIME too! glad you had fun!
    im so excited to try out rent the runway. your one shoulder dress looks fab.

  4. what a great weekend! looks like it was SO MUCH FUN! both dresses look great on you!

    Kristen from Love Lipstick and Pearls

    (blogger comments is still being lame)

  5. You look amazing! What a fun weekend. I HAVE to try rent the runway.

  6. You look gorgeous in both pics and dresses! Wowza! Glad you had such an amazing weekend. Best friends are the best!


...thanks for the comments sweetness!