Monday, August 15, 2011

Wild and Crazy Kids

One of the things you don't know about me was that growing up, I had my 15 min of fame on the classic Nickelodeon show Wild and Crazy Kids. Sara and I have been talking about how I really don't utilize that fun fact when I talk to boys..she said that is really golden information to slip into conversation. To answer the question I know you're about to ask, no, we do not have our original shirts. I'm pretty sure I still hold it against my mother for selling it in a random yard sale we had

So, after countless hours this weekend spent on you tube and google, I have found the footage!
Since none of you all knew me growing up, you're going to have to trust I am actually showing you me and my brother and my mom in this 4:34 segment.

That right there is me putting water in the bucket. Min 1:43
Things I will not tell boys when I am using this flirting..About 2 seconds after this I nearly drown and had to be rescued by the lifeguard.

The boy doing the aggressive fist pump behind the blue exclamation mark is my older brother

And that lovely woman in the black tank top is my mother


  1. Hahah oh my gosh I used to love this show! Too funny and fun that you got to be on it!!

  2. You wild and crazy kid! I blame the loss on Mack. He got too cocky, and it ruined everything.

  3. this is too amazing for words! love it

  4. We have this in common! I was on a Nickelodeon game show once too, called You're On!

    Unfortunately, my section was cut from the show, so there won't be any video of it online!



...thanks for the comments sweetness!