Thursday, August 25, 2011

Workspaces that Wow

I daydream a lot at work. Of a different job. Of winning the lottery and having no job. Of opening a boutique and having a fabulous office in the back. Of a workplace where people don't yell at each other, call other people stupid, or take folders off your desk that are filled with your notes and then never give it back.

I also dream of fabulous work spaces that make me smile

Or I daydream of answering my emails in the Oscar De La Renta samples in the back office


  1. Wow, what beautiful spaces. I hear you, I'm such a daydreamer too! I believe it keeps me positive and optimistic :)

  2. Love all these spaces. I spend way to much time daydreaming about similar things !


  3. I'm obsessed with that first office- so colorful!

  4. we can all dream, right? ahhhh

  5. you and i would make great coworkers for each other. i want to do all those things in all those spaces :)

  6. oooh i like them all. i'll take any of them.


...thanks for the comments sweetness!