Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh Friday

Oh thank goodness Friday is here! I still haven't recovered from my trip-or unpacked really. This weekend will be very low key with a massage and facial, tons and tons of laundry, puppy snuggles, and preparing for my next trip next weekend-with lots of football and baseball thrown in! Let's Go Tigers!!

*my love of Detroit Tigers is random, but is an interesting story. When my grandfather was in the navy in the 1950s, his roommate was from Detroit and would listen to Tiger games on the radio. So when he got back home, my grandpa would follow the Tigers, so my dad did as a kid as well...not to mention Verlander is a stud. And Bosche is a local boy and quite attractive :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011


The last thing I am purchasing for a while. Shopping hiatus has begun.

She is so cool

I hear it is fall..not in the 95 degree valley

I'm almost over not having my online Target order

about a month ago, I was told that I was single bc I don't act dumb on dates and like football too much. I think I'd rather stay single then. I've never played dumb before..I'm not going to start at 26

Cannot wait to wear my DVF dress and channel my inner Princess Catherine

Anne looks fabulous here

Bringing Sexy Back

New way to store my clutches

How I felt when coming back to 315 emails on Tuesday morning

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A few snapshots from the weekend

Hello loves! San Diego was a blast despite a sun burn that still hurts, no pictures taken(sorry!!) and not wanting to come home. Such fabulous and well needed girl time

Here are a few that were taken on the iPhone:

Complimentary Jack and Diet Coke at check in

Getting ready for dinner

Sunday rooftop bars overlooking Petco and the a Dodgers Win

squinting bc I broke my sunnies

and a Paul Frank bus as we entered LA county

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy (long!!!) weekend

Happy weekend loves! Sara and I are off on our mini vacation until Monday and couldn't be more excited for a weekend by the pool at the hard rock, relaxing, and a few too many cocktails and probably bad decisions! Be back on Tuesday with a full report and pictures!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Working Hard Gets the Job Done

Today's motivational message: Work hard and you can accomplish anything-Go Gus Go!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What I'm Packing: San Diego

I find when I am driving to my vacation destination I tend to over pack a bit since we can take as much as will fit in my car
As I count the hours down until we are poolside at The Hard Rock, here are a few things coming with me

Panama Hat: J.Crew Outlet, Bikinis: J. Crew, Victoria Secret, Trina Turk, and H&M

Bags by Chanel and Pucci
Trustworthy comfy heels taken from my Mom(Jimmy Choo) and my Old Faithful Christian Louboutin

Dress options by H&M, Asos, Karta, and Paper Crown
and this number arriving on Thursday from Rent the Runway

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

An adorable Pre-Wedding Shot

I know that when I get married one day, I will be pretty traditional and don't plan on seeing my groom before those big doors open in the Cathedral..but I know a lot of couples who like to take photos before. I LOVE this adorable way this couple did them found on A Cup of Jo. They were probably DYING with excitement to take a peek

Monday, September 19, 2011

Red Carpet Roundup: The Emmy Awards

How sad is it I cannot find a picture of Edie Falco who I thought was the best dressed? Ugh. I will hopefully be able to update at some point.


Kate Winslet in Elie Saab

Katie Holmes in Calvin Klein

Julia Stiles in Georges Hobeika

Evan Rachel Wood in Elie Saab

Julie Bown in Oscar DeLa Renta

Friday, September 16, 2011

September My Favorite Find: Liz of Sequins and Stripes

Hello loves! Today we have another installment of My Favorite Find, with Liz. I found her blog one day by chance and knew I would love it by the title alone..two of my favorite things! Enjoy!

Hello and Happy Friday, my dears! I'm Liz from the fashion and style blog, Sequins and Stripes, and I am super excited to share "My Favorite Find" with all of you Sweet Nothings readers. I stumbled upon Bauble Bar on Refinery 29 and am totally smitten. Not only is it a one stop shop for all of your fashion jewelry needs, but you can search their extensive jewelry database by style, event, color, and trend. I could easily browse this site for hours on end and have collected numerous shopping carts filled with fun, fashion baubles.

Here are a few of my favorites from the fabulous site, but I highly recommend heading over to Bauble Bar to search and create your own shopping cart. Plus, their styles range anywhere from $20+ so you don't have to break the bank to be fashionable. Happy shopping and don't forget to stop by Sequins and Stripes to find daily inspiration for a styled life. Thanks for having me, Danielle!!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

I need a personal makeup artist

Have any of you ladies watched Jerseyliscious on Style network? it is over the top and insane, but I digress.

One episode they teach a clinic on hair teasing and smokey eyes to a bunch of women. GOD I need a class on both of those. I am hopeless! I've tried the you tube videos and online tutorials and I just can't get it!

Some of my favorite bloggers post their fabulous eyes online:

Kristen always has fabulous hair and makeup features

I always have Sara do my eye makeup when we're together..Maybe I should learn how to master it by my 27th year...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Mayhem that was Missoni Target

I want to start by saying I love Target. I never have issues with them normally.
Now, you are a major corporation who has pumped millions of PR dollars into this collection.
You should anticipate high traffic.
I woke up every hour Tuesday morning to check when the site went live, and ordered a very large amount of stuff..mostly the clothes I wanted to try in two sizes since I wasn't sure how it was going to run. As well as my key item, the bikini, which was only available online. I was quite pleased with myself and went back to sleep to hit the store by 8, not focusing on the items I had already ordered since I had a confirmation and order number from
By 8am there was a group of 5 of us at Target, and we were let in. NOTHING was unpacked. The employees had no idea what Missoni was or why we were asking for the boxes to be unpacked. After I had to speak to the manager to request them open and was told "that I take this a little too seriously" mayhem at the store was going on. Carts were being stolen. Curse words were being uttered around children. I had to go to the bathroom but didn't want to leave my cart!

At around 1130 pm I get a hunch that maybe I should check my order online. Nothing in my order. I call and they said they cannot confirm that I will get any of it, but won't be charged. Well thats nice. I want my bikini and mini dress. Also, if you have been following @TargetStyle, it is very unlikely any stores will be getting the key items in.

While I understand supply and demand, it makes me sad that Target did not have the foresight to plan ahead. What did they one was going to want Missoni Pieces that were spitting images of the ones in the collections?

I'd love to hear if you scored. That loot there is my friend Anna's from San Mateo. She got the bike lol.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Quick Fix

I have an appointment on Saturday to dye my hair a lovely shade of auburn( it is not the same colorist of the failed ombre experiment of summer)
I may still chicken out though..But I suppose I can always just dye it back black if I don't like it

Can girls with Auburn hair wear red?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Winner Winner

The Winner of the Apothica gift certificate is Molliee!

Thanks for playing everyone! Email me and we'll get you all set up. Thank so much to Apothica for the giveaway!

And thank you to everyone for the well wishes about my test. I did alright, but I think I can do better. I'm going to give it one more shot next month!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Study Break

I'll be taking a week off from the blog to Study Study Study Study for my GMAT on Saturday. Studying has never been my thing. ever. I always did well without really studying(not trying to brag but I think it shows my laziness more than anything else!) so my mom always says just think of what you could accomplish if you actually made an effort. So after 7 weeks of 3 hours classes on Mondays and Fridays, I am hoping I score well enough to get into the programs I am hoping for to be able to attend school next fall...though I started to browse the applications and they stress me out too. But baby steps.
I'll still be around in twitter, because that is basically what gets me through my 9-5( well 7-4) so all the prayers and well wishes you can send out into the universe will be much much appreciated!

Don't forget you can still enter the Apothica giveaway!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Have you ever come across a song in an unexpected way and it just stuck with you? I was studying over the weekend and had Drop Dead Diva on in the background, not really paying attention to it as I was doing quant problems. Until I hear this song that I just instantly connected with.

The artist is Brit Nicole, and the song safe.

I bought her album on iTunes, and just fell in love. It is really inspiring music I never would've found

Where have you come across music lately??