Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Mayhem that was Missoni Target

I want to start by saying I love Target. I never have issues with them normally.
Now, you are a major corporation who has pumped millions of PR dollars into this collection.
You should anticipate high traffic.
I woke up every hour Tuesday morning to check when the site went live, and ordered a very large amount of stuff..mostly the clothes I wanted to try in two sizes since I wasn't sure how it was going to run. As well as my key item, the bikini, which was only available online. I was quite pleased with myself and went back to sleep to hit the store by 8, not focusing on the items I had already ordered since I had a confirmation and order number from
By 8am there was a group of 5 of us at Target, and we were let in. NOTHING was unpacked. The employees had no idea what Missoni was or why we were asking for the boxes to be unpacked. After I had to speak to the manager to request them open and was told "that I take this a little too seriously" mayhem at the store was going on. Carts were being stolen. Curse words were being uttered around children. I had to go to the bathroom but didn't want to leave my cart!

At around 1130 pm I get a hunch that maybe I should check my order online. Nothing in my order. I call and they said they cannot confirm that I will get any of it, but won't be charged. Well thats nice. I want my bikini and mini dress. Also, if you have been following @TargetStyle, it is very unlikely any stores will be getting the key items in.

While I understand supply and demand, it makes me sad that Target did not have the foresight to plan ahead. What did they one was going to want Missoni Pieces that were spitting images of the ones in the collections?

I'd love to hear if you scored. That loot there is my friend Anna's from San Mateo. She got the bike lol.


  1. Jealous of the bike purchase! Your friend is lucky!

  2. I understand your frustration! Target needs to get these launches under control. More inventory please! It's like Cynthia Vincent for Target all over again. Actually, it's worse!

  3. This is disappointing. I didn't go yesterday to avoiding the rush. I was hoping to get something online but now am doubtful.

  4. I was dying for the bike, but couldn't justify buying it! It sold out online, so I figure a lot of people could justify it lol. I bought the black/white/grey bikini and the black/white/grey mini sweater dress. I wouldn't have minded the cardigan, but I was just over it after waiting for 3 hours online to get it. They should have a better system in place - maximum purchases of each item, let in a few people at a time, and, for God's sake, a more capable internet site!

  5. I think I got really lucky. It seems like most people had really bad experiences! Target needs to be more on the ball next time.

  6. eeek what a disaster this has all been.... my friend and i went at 8am yestrday and i got most of what i wanted. i tried to order a few things yesterday and i got a confirmation email. im scared it's not "real" though. I hope you end up with what you want!

  7. Yes, they definitely could have handled ALL of this WAY better. I am disappointed. I placed my order online around 3 am after waiting and waiting and then the whole site was down ! Hope I actually get my items as well. And what makes me even more upset is the thousands of items on ebay that people are selling. I mean how is that fair to people who just want to buy the items? The point of this isnt to make money off of things people want...for the same price the people bidding can just buy real Missoni !


  8. you know my experience wasn't bad....wearing my new sweater as i type.


  9. well, I walked into Target at lunchtime yesterday thinking, "hmm its the first day and it's only been a few hours so I will have great pickings"... boy was I WRONG! There was not ONE thing left in target except for SOCKS! I walked out of the store and cried. Not joking. not a good day!

  10. That's absurd!!!! I can't wait to see what you got!

  11. it was a nightmare. i can't believe how poorly target handled this. also, i think Target should put a cap on how many pieces a person can buy (like a grocery store has limits on their sales) bc the peeps who buy solely for ebay should be restricted. That's so wrong in my opinion, i understand it's a way to make money, but the people who are buying for themselves or as gifts should be able to buy what they want and not have to hunt it down and pay 3x as much.

    I bought a storage box, platter, and a candle. That's all i REALLY wanted, but i would have loved to have a throw blanket. i loved some of the plates too, but they were plastic! no thank you.

  12. Your lucky friend, the only thing I would have liked is the bike! Good for her!

  13. I would be so frustrated too!! I wasn't able to purchase anything!! All the targets near me were completely sold out :(

  14. I had the bike in my online cart when it crashed. I then proceeded to wait on hold for an hour to get to customer service where they could cash me out. I mean I WAS just entering my security code and clicking submit when it crashed after all, right?

    An hour later I got customer service all right. She pulled up my cart via my username and password, verified what was in it and then...wait for it...told me I had to "wait my turn" to get back online and she refused to check me out.

    Can you imagine?? I was like, 'excuse me but i've been up since's now 4:30am. You can see my cart and what is in it. I HAVE BEEN WAITING MY TURN. If I was in line in store and the registers went down while I was cashing out would you allow other customers to pilfer what was in my cart???"

    The answer to that one must have been yes because I did not get my bike.

    And I live in Southern California so women who went to the stores scratched and punched each other.

    Target is dead to me. Manners, apparently, are too.



...thanks for the comments sweetness!