Thursday, September 29, 2011


The last thing I am purchasing for a while. Shopping hiatus has begun.

She is so cool

I hear it is fall..not in the 95 degree valley

I'm almost over not having my online Target order

about a month ago, I was told that I was single bc I don't act dumb on dates and like football too much. I think I'd rather stay single then. I've never played dumb before..I'm not going to start at 26

Cannot wait to wear my DVF dress and channel my inner Princess Catherine

Anne looks fabulous here

Bringing Sexy Back

New way to store my clutches

How I felt when coming back to 315 emails on Tuesday morning


  1. Love this random list. Especially the "Intelligence is sexy, don't play stupid" - so true. If a guy wants you to play dumb, then he is DEFINITELY not the right guy. So I hope you threw your drink in the face off the d-bag who told you that's why you were single!

  2. I love that necklace! I would rather be single than act like someone I am not as well!

  3. love the list, i can't wait for you to get the DVF dress either, you are going to look gorg in it!

    and no, whoever is asking dumb on a date should be the one single. it's not the 50s anymore people!! and even then it should have been acceptable!!!

  4. Ew what bad advice. Who wants to act dumb? And I wish I was Jenna Lyons.

  5. Are you ordering a Spike the Punch necklace? Love! I am obsessed. I think I am ordering one also (there is a navy and fuschia one I am dying over). If you go on a shopping hiatus..I may join you.. I am struggling attempting to budget!

    xo lamb loves

  6. I can't believe someone actually said that to you. What an idiot. I would much rather be single because I was smart and had a love for something (i.e sports) than be loved for being dumb/not myself. Ugh.

    Love Princess Kate. I want to be, like, her best friend :)

  7. oh, anne does look good. that's jon's #1 celeb crush.

  8. love the clutch storage!! and that necklace is gorgeous!!
    xx ~ ks


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