Thursday, October 20, 2011

Blushington Makeup Salon

I had a date last week so I decided to try out the new Blushington makeup salon on Sunset. Very similar to their neighbor drybar, it is a makeup only salon that allows a full face application(35) or eyes only (25) and you are guaranteed to be in and out in 30 min. The girls who worked there were so nice, and there is no pressure to buy any products. They were very informative and were giving me tips on how to recreate the look

I did the Lucky Stars(not red lips) and added extra lashes for 15.00 and no joke, the first thing my date noticed were my eyes. (that date went did number two. then typical LA guy came out and I was disgusted)
However, I would totally recommend and cannot wait to go back!(and stop into drybar before!)

They also offer classes I plan to hit up next year after the holidays so I can learn how to master the looks myself!


  1. love this! wish there was one in the city. we could all go to drybar, then here, then to brunch! FAB! hehe :)

  2. OOH I haven't heard of this place! love, love, love this idea! glad the date went well but bummed LA douche came out to play! XOXXO

  3. so cool! i'd love to take the classes w you! sorry the guy turned into a dbag. :(

  4. what a fun idea! thanks for sharing:)



...thanks for the comments sweetness!