Friday, October 21, 2011

October My Favorite Find:Chelsea from Choose to be Happy

Happy Friday loves! Today we have our next installment of My Favorite Find, and this may be one of the coolest ones yet...enjoy!!

Hi there!

from Choose to be Happy

I am really quite excited to virtually be here today on Danielle’s bloggie!

I think guest posting is the best and I really just love this little monthly series of hers where bloggers share their “Favorite Find."

It’s pretty much genius, I mean with so many unique and amazing gems floating around in internet land, it’s impossible to discover them all on your own!

I am a very big believer in celebrations.

Birthdays, anniversaries, half birthdays… really any occasion. So because of this I wanted to introduce yall to one of my favorite internet finds as of lately: Leafcutter Designs!

The world’s smallest postal service!

Basically in the website words:

“Write a letter and have it turned into a "world's smallest letter." The letter is transcribed on a miniature desk in the tiniest of script, sealed with a miniscule wax seal with the sender's initial pressed into it, packaged up with a magnifying glass in a glassine envelope, and finished off with a large wax seal.”

... um yes i know. it’s amazing.

As soon as I stumbled upon this website it was love at first sight.

Within the first 15 minutes I was already working on having one of the little letters sent to my friend in California. I have continued to use this site for so many occasions and sometimes, for no occasion at all. Sometimes it’s just nice to pop in and say hello, via snail mail. Very, very small snail mail that is!

Not only do i get a kick out of such a fun site, but my friends and family have absolutely loved their little surprises. It’s the cutest.

Hope yall love it just as much as me!

thanks Danielle for having me :)



  1. Oh my gosh! this is the cutest little find!! i love it!! it's beyond creative :)

  2. Nice post!!

  3. sounds cool, i love giving and getting mail, it's so fun !


...thanks for the comments sweetness!