Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ruby Press Offices

I think The Glitter Guide is trying to tell me I need a new job in an amazing creative space that empowers. This week they featured the Berkeley offices of Ruby Press, and I just adore

I wish I knew about this company when I was a student just a tunnel ride away


  1. that would have made for a pretty sweet internship! but hey everything happens for a reason right? : )

  2. Danielle,

    That looks absolutely wonderful! I love the style inspiration boards covering the wall, I would love to work in an atmosphere like that...there is always another day!! Hope your Vegas trip went well this weekend xoxo

  3. Seriously so adorable!! I wish I knew that cute offices can actually accompany awesome companies when I was job hunting a few years back...or even picking my major!!

    PS can't wait for the Vegas recap!!

  4. oh the office envy continues....


...thanks for the comments sweetness!