Thursday, November 17, 2011

Healthier Choices

So I've put on a few pounds recently..I haven't been making the healthiest choices and in my horrible old work funk I was just totally unmotivated. I need some new recipes with healthier food options! I think I have just maxed out on lean cuisine options and turkey sandos.

So, what are your favorite go to recipes and low cal snacks? Any blogs, workouts, what you do to stay motivated. I need to get in front of this before it is New Years Day and I am crying because my sequins from the night before wouldn't fit...


  1. Awww...well I lost a total of 15 pounds. I've been drinking a lot of water, at least 20 glasses of water per day. And I've been jogging 3 times a week at 45 minutes per jog. I think the trick is to do something you like. My friend jogged 3 times a week for 45 minutes per jog and she lost 5 pounds, she was doing this for a month but then she got bored and lost her motivation. I guess it's best to do something fun, a variety of activities could be helpful. Oh and going to sleep early also helps. =)

  2. I think the job funk thing is definitely a big thing! I find myself being way more motivated to work out and eat less since I'm happier at my new job.

    Hard boiled eggs! you can make a ton at once, heat them up, and yumm-o! I happen to love just the whites (18 calories per white), but eating one or two egg yolks in the morning actually helps burn fat. (Jackie Warner is my reference on that). Ok wow I just wrote a whole paragraph about my love of eggs.

  3. I hate losing motivation to be healthy. It is the absolute worst.

    I love trying new recipes and exciting foods. Kelly at Eat Yourself Skinny has many exciting recipes you can try.

    Eating is always more fun when it is healthy and you are excited about it!

  4. you and me both sister. i've started using some health shakes and that's really worked for me.

  5. lean cuisines! and 100 calorie treats! and most of all..... no eating past 7:30. i am telling you, that makes ALL the difference!

  6. My motivation is to look around and see all these gorgeous women out there, and tell myself, I want to be one of them. So I started a gym membership a month ago, and go 5 times a week. I also do some classes like Yoga sculpt, or pilates, or cardio kickboxing. Being in a group, with loud music in your ears and someone telling you what to do, really keeps me going for that hour, how hard it can be. First 2 weeks will be hard to stay motivated, but force yourself. After that it will be a routine and you'll love doing it, because it makes you feel sooo gooood. :)

    For food, just eat lean. Avoid "fatty foods" like I call them, like cheese, or cream, or too much butter in cooking (and no Jack in the Box:). Taking dairy out of your diet is good too, cause it blows up you belly, but think about taking supplements in calcium then. Eat lots of protein, keeps you going longer and good for muscle build up. No eating before bed.

    Btw, I'm hosting a giveaway, come check it out:)

  7. We are in the same boat girl! I'm doing p90x again and am currently in phase 2. I like snacking on almonds, yogurt, and zone bars. Protein shakes too! My life saver has been the camel bak 32 oz water bottle. I suck water down like never before and actually get the required daily amount! Crock pot dinners are a must because I hate cooking. There are tons of good recipes on foodgawker and pinterest, but really just throw in a bunch of veggies, meat, and some bouillon and you are good to go!

    Another thing that has been helping me is just not buying junk. If it't not in the house then I can't eat it and I'm forced to snack on an apple or something. I've lost 4 lbs so far, so something is working :)

  8. In tuna salad, I replace the mayo with greek yogurt.
    I roast veggies with Goddess salad dressing (devine!).
    I make my own pasta sauce and use veggie substitute "meat balls". I like LOTS of sauce with my pasta, so I end up cutting a lot of pasta out of the dish.

  9. I think the best thing you can do is to drink tons of water and eat as many REAL foods as possible. So, fruits, veggies, protein. Cut out refined carbs like regular pasta, rice, bread of any kind. Absolutely NO overly processed food (and yes, that includes Lean Cuisine and other frozen dinners). Limit dairy consumption too. Dairy, when combined with refined carbs will always equal automatic bloating. I could go on and on about this...but I'll shut up before this devolves into a rant. :)

    But seriously, eating real foods has been the best thing for me in terms of maintaining a metabolism and my weight.

  10. My fave go-to snacks:
    -banana + PB for breakfast or a snack
    -apple + laughing cow light cheese for a snack
    - pop chips are the only chips I let myself eat
    - Think Thin bars or Luna Bars

    I usually eat a shit ton of veggies and by the time I am done with that I am too full to even think about eating anything else! Like a dinner will sometimes be a full dinner plate of steamed broccoli with shredded light cheddar on top:) my fave:)

  11. i know what you're saying! lately my sweet tooth has been in full swing ~ so i probably wouldn't be of much help to you haha!! ;)
    xx ~ kristina

  12. all ive been doing since the honeymoon is adding on lbs. UGH. i need to pick bread like carbs for just one meal a day, and pref either breakfast or lunch, not dinner.


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