Friday, December 9, 2011

My Favorite Find!

Hello loves! Today is the last installment of "My Favorite Find" series, and I am going to end it on the 3 year anniversary of this little ol blog! Thank you to all the fabulous ladies who have shared their finds here, and to all you readers for actually coming by and reading this blog for the past three years. How quick they go!

I stumbled upon my find in a vintage shop in Berkeley before my 21st birthday. I was going back to NY for Christmas(this was while my family was living there) and was about to head off to Boston for the big 21.

We were just browsing a random shop when I spotted this. Vintage 1970s Halston. 41.00

I didn't even try it on...knew I needed it. Handed my friends 50.00 and ran out of the store, knowing that the owner must've forgot a zero and I was never going to go home with her.

an amazing mauve mini dress with tie sash that looks so fun on! I've only worn it twice..for my 21st birthday and one other time in Las Vegas, but I just adore looking at it in my closet, knowing maybe if I do 50,000 more squats I can rock it again!


  1. That dress is a gorgeous color! Love it!
    I just came across your blog and it's awesome! I'm a new follower (twitter!)
    If you have a bit of extra time, I'd love if you stopped by mine!

    Luvv, Leigh B

  2. That is an amazing find!! Gorgeous and a classic!!


...thanks for the comments sweetness!