Monday, March 19, 2012

Summer Music Festivals

Next month I am hitting the polo fields of Indio for 3 days of country music, beer, and and all around amazing time at Stagecoach. I have never done a three day festival before; and all of the outfit inspirations and advice and tips seemed to be geared towards Coachella.

Have any of my readers been to Stagecoach? Or does anyone have any cute outfits to recommend? Tips on how not to lose my friends/get drunk as a skunk at 11am/not get heatstroke?

My only stipulation is I really want to wear my boots all three days. I already purchased this dress to wear with my tan boots and a jean jacket, but need two more days of outfits..(see my red boots here)


  1. I've never done a 3 day festival, but I wouldn't take any clothes that I actually care about. Try old navy for cute chambray shirts and shorts. A white dress would be totally adorable with your red boots, but isn't at all practical.

    Have fun, and I can't wait to see what you wear!!

  2. I always go to coachella but I do have some friends that also go to stagecoach...I would say most have been shopping for anything with an american flag, bikinis, denim shorts, and cowgirl boots!


  3. You're going to have an amazing time!! I havent been to Stagecoach (opening the link in a new tab as I type) but Coachella was an AMAZING experiance. The polo fields of Indio have a special place in my heart. Only advice, you'll be HOT- like hotter than I've ever felt before and since lol I saw plenty of girls in boots (and of COURSE there will be even more in boots at Stagecoach), but you couldnt have paid me to give up my flip flops and tiny sundress. Boots and a jean jacket sounds like heat stroke 101 to me :-) Also, I came back super dirty! Those fields are dusty and I camped out. At Coachella there was a shower trailer but the water was freezing (okish bc it was so hot) and the line was insane! Don't bring anything that you love love love or can't get dirty! Have fun!!! Cant wait to read your recap

  4. I have never been, but those cowboy boots are a must!

  5. i've never been, but have only heard great stories!


...thanks for the comments sweetness!