Thursday, April 5, 2012

Broke Girls Guide to Abbot Kinney

Venice is not one of those neighborhoods I've really ventured to in LA. I still have the visions of it when I was younger and kinda sketchy people on the board walk. Everyone tells me it has changed, I just haven't quite made it out there.

The Glitter Guide teamed up with Broke Girls Guide to tour Abbot Kinney, Venice's most famous street, and I will be making my way out there shortly, that is for sure.

LA ladies..thoughts on Venice? Favorite spots? Buddies to take it on with me???


  1. I looooove Abbot Kinney! I love just roaming the street and people watching too. They have the best coffee shop there, but I am not helpful because I don't remember the name!

  2. Venice is my favorite place in LA! I wish I was able to spend more time there too. My goal is to live there one day. Who knows?

  3. me! i am there every saturday morning for circuit works!


...thanks for the comments sweetness!