Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th Weekend

picture from The Pursuit of Style, one of my absolute favs

Happy weekend dolls! I think this weekend will be filled with some much needed spring cleaning, a trip to target, and getting the majority of my stuff organized for stagecoach in the next few weeks. A final few items need to be purchased and I want to try on all outfit options.

One of my amazing coworkers Chante writes this fabulous blog and can do every sort of DIY project I mention at work, so I also want to get some ideas of things we are going to tackle in the next few months. I buy the supplies, and then I pay her in wine and puppy kisses. Seems like a perfect arrangement to me!


  1. LOVE that pic...So much pretty color! Happy Friday. xoxo

  2. Wine and puppy kisses is one of the best payment combos out there.

    Happy weekend, friend! xx

  3. Thanks for the shout out! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo

  4. i think that's a fair trade! can't wait to see the results!


...thanks for the comments sweetness!