Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I am Going Bananas

from Lauren Conrad's Office...I bought this print for myself
I feel lately like I can't catch up. Everytime I turn around I have 15 new things I didn't get done, and no time to relax, take a breath, or say, work out. 
How do you ladies stay focused and take time for yourselves while work requires a 30 hour day commitment...


  1. girl! it is tough but you have to take the time for yourself!! i force myself to put the work down and do something for me a few times a week.

    never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life!!

  2. 30 HOURS?! Wow! I hope your days get less busy and you can find time to site and "smell the roses" as they say. :)
    Have a beautiful day!

  3. 30 hours? oh lord.... i honestly have no advice! but you cant keep that up, doll. i work 8 hours and check OUT after 8 hours. its hard to not talk about work at home, but i really think it helps to keep home work-free.

  4. I try to take a breath and remember that I should only prioritize the things that are making me happy. Hope you get a break soon!

  5. that's a super fun print!

    i too am always feeling like i'm behind on everything. it stinks.

  6. I hear you. Sometimes I wonder how other people do it. It takes me a while, but I have to convince myself to just disconnect and detach from the stress and thoughts of the day. Try to just forget about work the second you leave the office or plan rewards for yourself when you get home...happy hour always does the trick for me!

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